La Jornada: Bad streak of Pumas is not to set off alarms: Mario Trejo

Karla Torrijos

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, February 23, 2021, p. a10

The bad streak of Pumas in the current Guardians 2021 tournament is not yet to set off the alarms, as it is normal after having reached the final of the previous contest, considered the former Auriazul manager Mario Trejo.

After obtaining the runner-up in the Guardians 2020 tournament, the university team is located in the third to last place in the general table (16), with just five points, the product of a win, two draws and four defeats, results that are far from the achieved at the start of the last championship.

“Unfortunately it is a situation that usually happens when a team reaches the final, because after that they have very little time to have a pre-season in shape, and something similar happens precisely to León, who was champion and today is just recovering.

No matter how much you schedule the training sessions, the physical condition of the player and, above all, the football player is not the best because they were the last to finish the tournament, both teams have been dragging tired. It seems to me that we should give them their time so that they can identify where the details are to be corrected and the club retakes that strength that distinguished it last season, said the former manager of the Red Sharks of Veracruz.

He also pointed out that in the case of the Auriazul squad, the shortage of triumphs is accentuated due to the departure of several players who were key pieces in the success achieved the previous semester, such as the scorer Carlos González, Andrés Iniestra, Alejandro Mayorga, in- among others.

“Several important elements left and that also affects a lot, because the team is just seeing how to correct those absences. In the case of Carlos, he was a leader, a player with great importance in the matches, and of course his departure suffers, just like that of Iniestra and Mayorga.

Realistically, the start of the tournament is bad, they are not having the football that we were used to; However, the most redeemable thing is the fighting spirit that the club has always had, the players surrender, the union is seen, and that decision to leave together and as soon as possible from this adverse situation is noted, he said.

Although he applauded the support that the university provides to its homegrown players, Trejo believed that there are some elements that lack that maturity to be already contesting ownership; However, he is confident that they will soon gain experience and the team will be able to get out of this slump.

“The player must develop little by little, and suddenly I see that some young people are already in the starting eleven, and that seems a bit hasty, of course it is valuable that they make their debut, but in my opinion there are still some who are lacking of that quality to be as starters in the First Division.

I think that these types of opportunities should not be given just because they are of basic forces, but because they have earned it, because they have achieved the merits and have the ability to compete face to face with the members of the first team, and in that sense I think that some are not ready for that yet, but hopefully they apply themselves and quickly understand that these chances are invaluable, they have to show why they are there, he said.