José Luis Cerda Meléndez, interpreter of the character “La Gata”, began to figure big in the world of comedy in the Mexican show when died at the hands of crime organized during 2011.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is a hotbed of talent and proof of this are the controversial Karla Panini, Karla Luna (deceased), Óscar Burgos “El Perro Warumo” and Cerda Meléndez, “La Gata”, but the latter’s life ended unexpectedly.

“La Gata” drew together with Óscar Burgos, interpreter of “El Perro Warumo”, and was part of the show Guerra de jokes, which toured different venues in the Mexican Republic and the United States.

Comedian José Luis Cerda Meléndez, “La Gata”, who died in 2011. Photo Jorge Rodarte THE DEBATE

“La Gata”, named after her friends in the show, died a victim of organized crime on March 25, 2011, according to information that was broadcast in different media at the time.

“La Gata” worked with the producer and popular comedian Óscar Burgos, creator of various comic characters in northern Mexico.

Cerda Meléndez was starting to make a name for herself as “La Gata” by attracting attention with her work, but death surprised him.

It was Óscar Burgos himself who discovered Cerda’s talent, in Monterrey. He worked in the parking lot of a restaurant and that’s where he met him. They became friends and offered him a job, Burgos told him in several interviews.

This is how La Gata died

Cerda Burgos was raised at dawn on Thursday, March 25, 2011, and her body was found the next day on the banks of Miguel de la Madrid Boulevard in Guadalupe, Nuevo León.

The Nuevo León press reported that José Luis had his hands tied and had a shot to the head.

“La Gata” was 33 years old and was “picked up” along with two other people as they left their job on television in Monterrey.

Óscar Burgos traveled several times in different cities of the Mexican Republic taking “El show de El Perro Warumo” and José Luis accompanied him, with his character “La Gata”.