LA Galaxy: Javier Hernández assures that Efraín Álvarez is a player of the Mexican National Team

The LA Galaxy achieved an agonizing victory with goals from the Mexicans Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández Y Efrain Alvarez. The Mexican attacker scored again after three games and reached eight touchdowns.

Hernández is the scoring leader in the MLS; However, everything seems to indicate that, no matter how many goals he scores, his presence in the Mexican team It is unlikely, but at a press conference he indicated that he would like to see his partner, Efraín Álvarez, wear the shirt of the ‘Tri’.

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“It is the talent and quality that Efraín has, I am the first who expects a lot from him, he is a diamond, he has to improve a lot, he has to learn, he is young, but I always say it, he is a player of the Mexican National Team, we have to expect selection performances like today’s when he enters or starts on the field. “

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The U-17 World Runner-up is one of the ‘pearls’ of MLS, so Mexico and the United States did everything to convince him to represent him, but the national team has the lead, remembering that he debuted a few months ago with the team higher.

That’s all the LA Galaxy expects of him. Today is a reminder for him and us of the quality that he has “

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