‘La fence’ closes its first season with an average of 10.3%

‘La valla’ ends its first season, and the only one so far, on Antena 3. After premiering on Atresplayer Premium, Atresmedia’s on-demand service, Good Mood’s production in collaboration with Globomedia opened its doors to viewers on September 10, establishing itself as one of Antena 3’s most anticipated fiction bets, having as its main attraction its duration: 50 minutes.

Olivia Molina and Unax Ugalde in ‘La valla’

The fiction starring Olivia Molina and Unax Ugalde has been characterized by maintaining a downward trend throughout its thirteen chapters. Spectators crossed to the other side of the fence and were losing interest after his premiere signing a Average of 1,249,000 viewers and a 10.3% share, a data that is kept in line with the latest fictions broadcast by the chain.

Its premiere, the most viewed installment

The intense promotion that Antena 3 did about this dystopian series was, without a doubt, a trigger for ‘La valla’ to score in its premiere the best data of the course: got 1,933,000 viewers approached the small screen. However, that 15.3% share would not be repeated, since, from that September 10, the numbers would begin to decline.

On the other side of the coin, there is the data recorded by the eleventh chapter. The historical minimum of spectators was collected on November 19 (956,000) dropping below a million for the first time. Just a week later, the series scored the worst screen share of the course (8%) despite a slight increase in the number of viewers (+26,000) compared to the previous week.

Audiences of ‘La valla’ in Antena 3 Chapter number DateSpectatorsShare1. Another world 09/10/2020 1,933,000 15.3% 2. My sister Sara 09/17/2020 1,564,000 12.6% 3. Lost children 09/24/2020 1,314,00010.4% 4. Skin rubbing01 / 10 / 20201,253,0009.9% 5. The innocents08 / 10/2020 1,337,000 11.7% 6. Deaf birds 10/15/2020 1,234,000 10.6% 7. A family affair 10/22/2020 1,241,00010.5% 8. Nobody’s son 10/29/2020 1,249,000 10.7% 9. Remember who you are05 / 11/2020 1,086,0008.6% 10. The shadow area 12/11/2020 1,039,000 9.1% 11. The loneliness of two 11/19/2020 956,0008.1% 12. The speech 11/26/2020982,0008% 13. Last days of the present03 / 12/2020 1,045,0008.1% Average September – December 1,249,00010.3%

Between mothers, cinema, flights and strong houses

Throughout its deliveries on Thursday night, ‘La Valla’ has seen how the data of its premiere is not synonymous with leadership. The movement that Telecinco made with ‘Mothers. Love and life ‘started an even battle between both productions scoring similar data during their first confrontations.

The Atresmedia series has faced offers such as cinema on La 1, ‘Volando voy’ or ‘La isla’ on laSexta. After the Mediaset chain series is finished, ‘The strong house’ arrived, whose premiere (17.9%) made the data for ‘La Valla’ shake (8.6%) falling more than two points with respect to its previous delivery.