La ‘fachosphère’, the French extreme right on the Internet

The slap French President Emmanuel Macron has settled with arrest of two citizens. One of them, the author of the same, has been identified by French media as Damien T. Libération has said of him that it is a 28-year-old with no criminal record with a “soft profile”, but follower of the fachosphère, a term of recent coinage that encompasses the growing rise of the extreme right in France on the Net.

French President Emmanuel Macron received & # xf3;  a slap from the attendant to an act.  (Photo: AP Photo / Thibault Camus, Pool)

French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped by an event attendee. (Photo: AP Photo / Thibault Camus, Pool)

The word ‘fachosphère’ is about a neologism which, according to different French websites, is composed of ‘facho’ (short for fascist) and ‘sphère’ (sphere). This composition is used to refer to the extreme right on the internet collecting under its umbrella all the contents, be they from websites, blogs or social networks, that share this political thought. One of the best known sites is François Desouche, created in 2005 and which has received numerous criticisms for spreading false news and fueling disinformation.

The term, which is used almost interchangeably with that of réacosphère, is not supported by everyone and its use is associated more with detractors than with sympathizers. David Doucet, author of the book La Fachosphère. Comment l’extrême droite remporte la bataille d’Internet (La Fachosfera. How the extreme right wins the battle of the Internet), considers that it is not a scientific term and what is used in a ‘pejorative’ way trying to cover too much sometimes.

In the presentation and description of the book focused on the term and the movement on the Internet of the extreme right, it is explained that “in recent years, this word has become spread in the media in order to designate an ubiquitous far-right nebula on the internet“While pointing out that until its publication it had not” been thoroughly investigated. ” In its pages, it addresses its members and has testimonies “from the traditionalist catholics until the identity, since the cybermilitaries of the FN until the supporters of Soral or Dieudonné”.

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The political climate in France is divided and the slap received by Macron has only raised the thermometer. Just one day before this a youtuber related to the far right made headlines for a video titled Is leftism bulletproof? Jean-Luc Mélenchon, from La France insoumise, denounced its content as “a direct call to murder” while highlighting the “morbid and violent environment” in which he says the country is installed.

The French are called to the polls for next April, when legislative elections will be held again. In the past, Marine Le Pen, daughter of jean-Marie Le Pen, and leader of the French right within the National Regrouping (RN), went to the second round in her political and ideological battle with Macron, who defeated her by 10 million of votes. Facing a new face to face at the polls, his are the names that sound again as candidates with possibilities of occupying the Elysee.

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