The NBA resumes the competition after almost four months in the dry dock and it does so with a clash that represents the battle for Los Angeles disputed in Florida between LA Lakers and LA Clippers. This is an encounter that beyond their dispute represents a new opportunity for LeBron James in his search for a fourth championship, but of course, he will not be the only protagonist, but will stand out along with the presence of Kawhi Leonard and all the Clippers hot on their heels and waiting for their chance.

The Clippers began the season with the mission of embittering the Lakers’ hopes of achieving a new NBA title after so many years and this was the most logical thing with stars of the size and weight of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George among their ranks to make this team one of the most dangerous in the championship. Seeing the clashes between these two superstars against James and Davis fully justified the NBA this year; Too bad a pandemic has sneaked in.

The reality is that the team is still dangerous but does not have important players for today. Lou Williams is in quarantine after being caught in a club (to call it something), Montrzl Harrell will not be for personal reasons and Patrick Beverley is doubt for tonight. The problem for the Clippers is that Williams and Harrell accumulate a good sum of points among themselves after the great scorers, Leonard and George, so their absence can mark the dynamics of the game, considering that one of the best attacks of all competition.

For his part, the media was rumored about the possible absence of Davis today due to an eye injury, but it seems that the player plans to play tonight. The player could jump onto the court with safety glasses and, even so, his team will need his best version to stop the Clippers, who currently rank as the third best attacking team in the entire league. The Davis-James duo are very effective in attack, but the success of this team also depends on players like Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Caldwell-Pope and Smith.

Ultimately, the loss of Harrell doesn’t do the Clippers any favors to take on a serious NBA title contender today. Plus, with all eyes on the resumption of the world’s biggest basketball competition, James will want to shine again in his own light in a more playoff-like game than the regular season. This is the occasion for the Lakers to hit the table and make it clear that they intend to go far this year by beating one of their biggest rivals, the Clippers.

Party: LA Clippers @ LA Lakers

Bet: LA Lakers (-4.5)

Odds: 1.91

Stake: 5/10

Betting house: William Hill


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