Denver nuggets won the victory against LA Clippers 89-104 during the seventh game of the Play-offs of the semifinals of the NBA Western Conference. After this match, the tie remains with a result of 3-4 for Denver nuggets, which means that Denver nuggets he will be in the final of the western conference as there are not enough games for his opponent to turn the result around.


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The first quarter had several movements on the scoreboard until ending with a result of 24-24. After this, in the second quarter the locals managed to distance themselves on the scoreboard and came to win by 12 points (50-38) during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 32-30. After this, the players reached the break with 56-54 on the scoreboard.

During the third quarter, the visitors managed to recover points until the game came back, they had a maximum difference of nine points (67-76) until finishing with a partial result of 18-28 and a total of 74-82. Finally, over the course of the last quarter Denver nuggets managed to distance himself on the scoreboard, reached a difference of 20 points (80-100) and the fourth ended with a partial result of 15-22. After all this, the match concluded with a final score of 89-104 for the visiting team’s players.

During the match, they highlighted Nikola Jokic and Jamal murray for his contributions to the team, after getting 16 points, 13 assists and 22 rebounds and 40 points, five assists and four rebounds respectively. For its part, the local team stood out Montrezl harrell and Kawhi leonard for his actions in the game, with 20 points and three rebounds and 14 points, six assists and six rebounds respectively.