La Castañeda celebrates its 30 years rocking – El Sol de México

La Castañeda returned to the stage virtually. The Mexican band offered a streaming concert this weekend, which despite the setbacks convinced its followers.

The show started an hour late, as the platform presented connection problems at the agreed time. “Camera that closes the subway to me”, “You can’t see anything”, “Do something!”, “Support, support”, “better buy on eTicket”, said the comments in the chat under the streaming window.

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Ticketmaster Live, announced after 40 minutes of problems with the platform the transmission of the show at 9:30 p.m.

Stranger’s Sect was the first song the group performed. The members came out dressed in their characteristic outfits that could well be worn during a Halloween, accompanied by some costumed dancers and showgirls.

The cure, as the show was titled, was a message where the band proposed to their followers to regain energy to face the new reality after the pandemic.

“A hug from here from La Castañeda, on this rare night,” said Salvador Moreno, vocalist and leader of the band. “This is a new change, a beginning, a mental switch. So we exhort them to change what is necessary so that this new stage of purification begins for all ”.

Gitano demente and Ciudad psicótica were part of the setlist that the group presented and with it they toured songs to celebrate their three decades of experience in rock in Spanish.

At the show, La Castañeda took a moment to remember Sax, the musician member of The Damn Neighborhood who passed away last March from Covid-19. “Thank you for everything you gave us,” Moreno commented before interpreting Ángel de las sombra, while images of the saxophonist appeared in the background.

Recently the International Art Day was celebrated, so they took advantage of this date to talk about the beginning of a new stage in this area. “We celebrate this important moment to propose a new rebirth of life and relationships. And here is La Castañeda, with this proposal ”, commented the vocalist before singing Ámbar.

For more than an hour and a half, the group performed other songs such as Transfusión, and Tloque-Nahuaque, in addition to interacting with the public through the screen and taking advantage of each occasion to send good energy.

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