Yes normally The Paper House It is seen in record time, in these days of quarantine by the Covid-19 pandemic, the followers of the series devoured the fourth season At the speed of light. On April 3, the new episodes landed on Netflix, and today, just three days later, many have already finished them and are anxiously waiting for the fifth installment.

Although the evolution of the heist and some decisions of the script did not convince all viewers, -like some certainly fantasy scenes that defied all kinds of human logic-, no one can argue that the creators once again demonstrated that they are the geniuses of rhythm and suspense . And even though the ending wasn’t as open as the last one, they left again unknowns and mysteries to solve who play with the uncertainty and nerve of many.

From this moment, it will fall on this note a rain of spoilers from the fourth season. So if you haven’t finished it yet, we highly recommend you stop reading.

The great mysteries left by the fourth part

Little is known about the fifth installment of “La Casa de Papel”. Although it was due to start filming in early 2020, everything indicates that the health emergency caused by Covid-19 forced to stop filming, -even, the actress who gives life to Lisbon, Itziar Ituño, was infected with coronavirus-. So the release date is today one of the mysteries that we will have to endure, at least for a few months.

What we can intuit from now on, are the unknowns that will have to be solved in the fifth installment. These are the main ones.

Where’s Tatiana? What role will it play in the heist?

The first time we saw Tatiana in The Paper House It was in episode 6 of the third season. He appeared as the Berlin couple, a pianist and jewelry robber who would be aware of the details of the assault on the Mint and the Bank of Spain.

Her red hair, hairstyle, and features made fans believe that she really Tatiana and Inspector Alicia Sierra were the same person. Under this assumption, the baby that the negotiator expects could be from Berlin. And perhaps she was a member of the gang infiltrated by the police. A theory that although it gained a lot of strength then, it was completely ruled out in the last chapters.

Alicia Sierra has no relationship with Berlin. She was married to a man named Germán, who died of cancer. His soulless, cold, calculating and irreverent character, contrasts with Tatiana’s personality, sweet and happy. But then where is the ex-wife from Berlin? Why was he not involved in the robbery at the Mint?

Perhaps the pianist was angry with the Professor’s brother when he discovered that he was dying. Or perhaps, the brain of the plan convinced Berlin that it was better not to mix love and work. In any case, the fourth installment insists a lot on the character of Tatiana, a fact that leads to think that she will be the key to the assault on the Bank of Spain, since she knows the plan perfectly.

Why did Lisbon enter the bank?

That love and work do not form a good combination was clear to us, not only with Lisbon and El Profesor, but also with Denver and Stockholm, Rio and Tokyo. However, it does not appear that this is the reason that led to Raquel Murillo to enter the Bank of Spain.

Everything points to the Professor having a good excuse to make that decision. Maybe Lisbon knows how they are going to get out of the building, an enigma that none of the gang robbers yet knows.

Who will take the side?

After the coup d’etat from Tokyo to Palermo, the tension escalated in the bank, and the internal divisions in the band were accentuated.

For many fans, this mystery answers the previous one. Lisbon will assume command. She knows firsthand how the police work. He is the teacher’s most trusted person. Being an expert negotiator, she knows how to maintain the “temperance” that Tokyo lacks and avoid becoming the Molotov cocktail of unbalanced emotions that Palermo is. For this reason he would have entered the Bank of Spain. And there do not seem to be many alternative options, since the Argentine criminal is guilty of the execution of Nairobi, and although Tokyo has grown this season, he faces The Professor numerous times and constantly endangers the stability of the group, as when he wanted skip the order to leave Gandía alive.

Of course, neither would be good for Lisbon to take command.

What will be the punishment of Palermo?

Resentful of the coup d’état that he suffered, Palermo told Gandía, head of security at the Bank of Spain, the best technique to remove the handcuffs – of that injury, by the way, nothing more was ever known.

When the rest of the gang finds out that Palermo is responsible for the release of the ex-military, they tie him up and consult “The Professor” what they should do with him. However, the brain of the operation orders them to release him, since it is not the time for more divisions, and assures them that when the robbery ends, Palermo will have a trial and will receive what they deserve for betraying the group.

A few chapters later, Nairobi is executed by Gandía. A death of which the Argentine robber feels guilty, who did not know how to measure the damage that his hatred and his need for revenge would create.

All these errors lead us to think that the end of Palermo will not be happy. Rejected for the love of his life, unable to maintain the leadership of the gang, removed from office by his own companions, alone in the world, and crushed as being to blame for the death of Nairobi, could kill himself to sacrifice himself for his companions, just as Berlin did. Although this is just another theory.

What will Alicia Sierra do with El Profesor?

This is the great mystery of the fifth season. The words of the inspector “Checkmate Son of P ***” closed the last chapter, after an intense game of chess in which Sierra and The Professor moved tiles aggressively.

The inspector, who found the brain of the operation at lightning speed, is between a rock and a hard place. Although he discovered The Professor’s hideout, unlikely to turn it over to the police, after pulling the blanket at a controversial press conference in which he accused all his superiors and left them in their underwear in front of public opinion.

Although most fans expect him to join the band, this also seems unlikely. The police and the Civil Guard are looking for her relentlessly, so probably her only intention is to demand from the Professor a part of the loot and to ensure an escape route to flee the country with her son.