‘La Casa de Papel’ could continue with a sixth season with a new robbery after the Bank of Spain

The end of the fourth part of ‘La Casa de Papel’ left many spectators cold who were waiting to see the end of the bank robbery of Spain. However, this was left open implying that it would continue in a fifth season that would be confirmed a time later with the following text: « The robbery comes to an end. » With these words, we were clear then that the Bank of Spain would end.

Úrsula Corberó, in ‘La Casa de Papel’

In addition, it was taken for granted that it was the end of the series, something that has been confirmed on subsequent occasions, such as when its director, Álex Rodrigo, promised to « close the series in style, at the height of what the fans imagine , wish and dream « . In this way, it was already clear to all the followers that, obviously, this fifth would not only be the outcome of the robbery to the Bank of Spain that no longer gives more of itself, it would also be the definitive end of the series.

But as in the series, the present is also full of twists and turns and now it could turn out not to be the last of all and that it could continue in a sixth season with a new assault, as one of its actors has reported. However, the second robbery at the beginning of Part 3 already cost it to be carried out in a credible way, so starting a third now, with all the preparations it takes for The Professor, would be quite complex.

The actors have not been informed of the ending

Mario de la Rosa, who plays Suárez in the Netflix series, assures that the fifth season « is very cool » and that it is very « frenetic. » He also says that they hallucinate when the scripts arrive and assures that the « stories that they are going to love. » However, what has most attracted the attention of his statements in the direct of Instagram has been the following: « Everybody talks to me about the end of ‘La casa de papel.’ I don’t know, I know it’s the end of robbery. That’s what all the actors have been told officially. « The robbery comes to an end », but I don’t know if the story will continue later. «