La Casa de las Flores: Cecilia Suárez is accused of racism by Internet users and responds

It is well known that these days you must be very careful with what you say and do on social networks. Cecilia Suárez failed in the above when appearing in a video on Instagram where she is seen with Paco León, her co-star in La Casa de las Flores – 86%. She has braids in her hair, so he comments: “Look who I’m with, with this wild Indian.” He begins to laugh accepting the words. This fact has sparked controversy on social networks, with Internet users accusing the actors of being racists.

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In recent months there have been important reflections on racism in Mexico, with many important names denouncing the structural violence to which indigenous people have been subjected for centuries. A good handful of Internet users prefer to reduce the situation to their own experience and not to the collective one, pointing out that no, that feeling displaced is not systemic, but a matter of “self-esteem and neglect.” Meanwhile, words like “India” continue to be used in a pejorative way and for this reason they have been accused of racism. Cecilia Suarez Y Paco Leon, white Mexicans in privileged positions.

For many social media users, who Paco call “wild india” Cecilia, and that she accepted it willingly, is a sign of her unawareness regarding the structural violence suffered by indigenous or brown-skinned people and an example of racism. In the face of criticism, Suarez began to block users and a few hours later shared some words in which he does not apologize, but transfers the misinterpretation of the words to whoever has read them, assuring that “wild india” was a compliment made by Paco to the Mayan blood that runs in his veins thanks to his paternal grandmother. Paco He responded in the comments with the same idea: “From the sweetest of affections, my only intention with that comment was to flatter you. Praise your braids, your roots, your strength and your indomitable spirit. I’m sorry if anyone was offended. “

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Despite the previous scandal, Cecilia Suarez Y Paco Leon they are receiving a lot of support from their fans on social media, encouraging them to “ignore the haters” and that “only true fans and people who look up to her, understood in the first video.” The controversy escalated to Twitter, a social network in which many conversations about the words of Paco and the attitudes of both, the strongest criticism being the fact that neither really apologized and left all loads of discomfort to the Internet user.

Although there was no talk about canceling the actors, they were invited to reflect on how society continues to treat marginalized people, to do so from their position as privileged celebrities. So much Cecilia Suarez What Paco Leon are having success on Netflix thanks to the premiere of The House of Flowers: The Movie – 100%, a long-awaited title by fans of the series that is already at the top of the national top 10. The production by Manolo Caro has gone around the country and millions have joined the fever of the De la Mora family. At this point, many think that the series will no longer continue, but we know well how Netflix works, if something is successful they will extend it until the last consequences, until the product stops generating income. It seems that La Casa de las Flores still has a lot to squeeze out.

The movie of The House of Flowers It premiered on the platform on June 23.

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