La Bien Querida reveals in ‘El hormiguero’ how she chose her artistic name

The anthill began the week with the visit this Monday of the singer Ana Fernández-Villaverde, artistically known as La Bien Querida, who chatted with Pablo Motos about his latest album, Brujeria, and revealed the dates of his next tour. “That record It is an artistic manifestation, like a song, it is a micro-spell that you cast into the Universe“, the artist highlighted on the album.

The first thing the host of their guest wanted to know was how she had chosen her stage name and the reason for her choice: “What do I call you? La ‘bienque’? Because your friends call you that …”, said the Valencian.

“Yes, it’s true. My name is La Bien Querida because when I had to choose a stage name I thought of something popular and at that time I really liked the songs of José Alfredo Jiménez, “he recalled.

And explained that “There is a Mexican film called La malquerida, but I thought I wanted the opposite, to be liked well”Hence its choice as La Bien Querida as an artistic name.

You are one of the best indie music artists and probably the most desired by series and film directors Because you’re crazy about her, Until the wedding do us part, The neighbor, The disorder you leave, Elite, The house of flowers, Paquita Salas … you need to put the music on the news“Motos said with a laugh.

What’s more, “You were a painter and you bought a guitar to test”, commented the host of the Antena 3 program: I didn’t really know how to sing, but in early indie there were no virtuosos singing or playing and that’s why I was encouraged “answered the woman from Bilbao.

Some time ago, Motos commented that Will Smith had been his stroke of luck, and he wanted to know what his guest’s had been: “One day I decided to start playing, I downloaded some chords online and made a demo. I hung it on a platform that is now extinct –MySpace- and two independent labels contacted me to sign me. I signed for one of them and until now, “said La Bien Querida.

The artist sang live, with the Valencian on guitar, her song De Momento Abril, and after concluding, Motos asked her: “Do they usually tell you that you remember Jeanette?”.

The woman from Bilbao pointed out that “yes, they tell me and I love being compared to her, a short time ago I did a version of I am a rebel. It is a very important song because it was the first that Manuel Alejandro did for an artist other than Raphael. “

The Well Dear too announced, exclusively to viewers and the thousands of followers on Instagram of his hamster Pedrito’s account that the rodent had died “a few weeks ago”.

Close friend of Nuria Roca for more than two decades

By last, Motos invited Nuria Roca to the table since the presenter and the singer have been friends for more than 20 years: “We were neighbors, we met on the stairs and we have never lost contact,” said the Valencian.

While the guest added that “The last time we got together I saw Nuria crawling up the stairs of her house”. Motos explained that “they told me that you drank 24 beers and 3 bottles of wine that day …”. The two laughing, commented that “We sat in the kitchen at eleven in the morning and got up at one in the morning”.

“I told him I was going to my bed and I left it there”, admitted the collaborator of El hormiguero, while the guest noted that “I called a friend to take me home because I could not take the car because of my condition.”