TVE prepares for a real revolution on the grill of the Catalan disconnection of La 2. Its managers want to bet firmly on programming in Catalan and to do so They have designed a new grill that will be launched next September and that it will have some of the most viewed formats today and with new spaces that will make the presence of Catalan in the chain is doubled. This will try to configure a schedule that is entertainment, information and proximity. The objective? Trying to gain weight in a territory dominated by TV3 and thus create an alternative for Catalan viewers who today do not have another powerful and competitive regional television.

Rosa Maria Mateo

In her last appearance in the Senate, Rosa María Mateo was convinced that « Televisión Española can and should contribute to promoting greater pluralism in the media landscape in Catalonia » and he made it clear that « we are going to do it through proximity content that complements the offer of other public channels. » The sole administrator of the chain also advanced that the objective is for this regional commitment to grow over the years and be extended to other territories. « Hopefully in the future we will have the necessary resources to do something similar in other communities with their own language »stated this.

Mornings Gemma Nierga and her ‘Cafè d’idees’

But well, what will the new grill of La 2 look like? FormulaTV analyzes it after knowing it through official sources of TVE. Beyond a social debate that Xavier Sardà will moderate in prime time, your big bet will be ‘Cafè d’idees’; a big window live from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. that will feature debates, interviews with prominent current figures, political, social or economic gatherings and a review of everything that is happening in the world. Definitely, TVE intends to open the day with a great informative and entertainment program in Catalan that will be led by the renowned journalist Gemma Nierga and who will compete head-on with ‘La hora de La 1’, the new morning magazine that Mónica López will lead in La 1. Two information spaces that come with two faces with very different marked personalities. Can both formats complement each other? Does it make sense that both magazines coincide?

Gemma Nierga, presenter of ‘Cafè d’idees’

Midday Information and sport

On the other hand, already at noon, La 2 in Catalonia will reissue the ‘Informatiu Midgia’ that minutes before it will be seen on La 1 and will bet on the current program on the Barcelona metropolitan area ‘La metro’ (2:35 pm), led by Quim Barnola. His competition in La 1 is still unknown since the public channel has not yet confirmed the continuity of the contest led by Àngel Llàcer ‘Blocked by the wall’. Then, at 2:55 p.m. ‘Desmarcats’ will start (2:55 p.m.) in which Albert Font will analyze the social sports news. The sports space will compete head-on with the first section of TVE’s ‘Telediario 1’.

Late History, nostalgia and humor

As for the afternoon strip, some spaces that already make up the current grid remain but there are also several premieres to it. Thus, daily at 5:15 p.m. a dubbed documentary will be broadcast in Catalan that will face the fiction ‘Servir y Protect’ in La 1. This will give way to the archive space at 6.15pm on Mondays ‘Calidoscopi’, the educational ‘Jo sóc Erasmus’ and the reports of ‘5 dies a’. On Tuesday in that strip, ‘Perduts en el temps’ will be broadcast in which Bruno Oro will tell the story of abandoned sites that he himself will visit, while on Wednesday Anna Cler will continue to lead ‘Noms propis’ and on Thursdays the monologues will be the protagonists of the ’20Vint’ format with Toni Mata.

Tània Sàrrias, presenter of ‘Punts de vista’

That strip that will vary its contents daily, It will close from Monday to Thursday with the new entertainment program ‘En línia’ (6:45 pm) of which we barely have details to date, while on Friday its space will occupy ‘Punts of sight’ with Tània Sàrrias, a space that was already part of La 2’s programming today. The day will end daily ‘El vespre’, an informative space with Marta Sugranyes. All these spaces will compete head-on with La 1’s fiction bet, its contest ‘El cazador’ and the national current affairs program ‘España directo’.

A powerful alternative to TV3

With this great remodel, It is evident that Televisión Española bets, and a lot, on La 2 in the Catalan circuit. The public channel has been able to create a program that completely unites public service, pure and simple entertainment and also information. It is without a doubt a more than powerful bet to compete head-on against TV3 Since, like Catalan public television, it will bet on local content close to the Catalan public; these viewers will be able to identify it as their own chain. In Catalonia, La 2 is undoubtedly transformed into practically an autonomous television in its day-time in order to become a competitive alternative that can gain a foothold in the monopolized Catalan public market.

TV3 Headquarters

A necessary change at the state level?

The 2 will feature a clearly alternative offer to that of other great generalists but that undoubtedly adds value to the chain, complementing genres with a varied, competitive bet in which own production plays a fundamental role. It is a diverse grill and that gives entity to the chainIs it then the model to follow in La 2 at the national level? Well, without a doubt, the answer could be clearly affirmative and that is that the second channel of RTVE needs to redefine its identity even more, especially in day-time since while in prime time we find powerful bets and that have achieved a differential point with respect to the rest, in its daily formats, it still needs to go a step further.

This wide daily grill contrasts with the one that La 2 has at the national level, in which beyond its own production spaces such as ‘Here there is work’, ‘The adventure of knowledge’, ‘English Online’ or the successful ‘Know and win’ , the grid is dominated by cinema and documentary spaces of an infinity of genres. It is a legal type of bet, but wouldn’t it make more sense to try to go further? Why not bet on a daily grill with diverse contents, that have their own personality and that give the chain a defined image in front of a viewer? In a very diversified market, it is essential that La 2 has a clear image in front of the public. And possibly, the path you are taking in Catalonia is an interesting starting point.

The 2

La 2 needs personality in its day-time

Content close to the public, in which humor, information, current affairs and public service are combined, with recognizable faces and others that are yet to be discovered, and all with a clear, defined and very marked grid structure. Possibly La 2 itself must be that; You must know how to unite your most alternative, different and niche side with open content to the general public but that they are an alternative to the offer of the generalist channels. Perhaps it is time for La 2 to reinvent itself in its daily structure and go one step further, maybe the time has come to show its full potential and once and for all a bang on the table. Why Yes, it is possible to create an alternative channel that attracts the attention of a viewer looking for a type of offer beyond the purely commercial. La 2 needs that twist to be much more visible, to be able to create a daily or weekly appointment in the viewer that makes him reconnect with the channel.

Monica Lopez

Competition for La 1?

Is it possible to do all this without affecting La 1? Obviously yes. We are faced with clearly complementary offers that may end up benefiting the group to capture a much larger audience spectrum. There is no point relegating La 2 to praise the follow-up to La 1; It is time to work to strengthen all channels equally with content related to targets. Therefore, in this case, you do have to fight in La 2 with competitive content but trying to complement your offers as much as possible so that there simply is not a clash of interests in any strip. In short, we must fight to achieve a powerful, strong and visible public channel.