In such difficult moments for any live show, the birth of the Resve Festival has been a breath of fresh air for the cultural life of the city. Theater, workshops and a lot of live music that offers spaces to Asturian groups of different styles and that is having a good response from the public. For example, the performance of Leticia Baselgas and Rubén Bada (« LR ») last Friday afternoon, two shows that filled the « covid capacity » of the Collegiate Church and that excited an audience eager to listen to Asturian folk again in direct.

The members of « L-R » have a long and varied career in the Asturian music scene, and have joined forces in this project to offer a renewed vision of the traditional music of the region. Its fit in the « post-folk » label gives us an idea of ​​the approach from which its proposal starts, with a commitment to the dialogue between tradition and modernity that goes through both the updating of old themes and the composition of new pieces based on patterns traditional. It is not about recovering, but rather about reinterpreting and keeping alive forms and repertoires that are part of a tradition in which they cannot be frozen.

This anti-essentialist conception of tradition and a deep knowledge of this repertoire is what allows « L-R » to delve into sonorities and stylistic turns, a priori, far from the canons of folk. As with other « post » styles (such as post-rock), the timbral color plays an essential role, and Rubén Bada acted as a man-orchestra combining guitars and lute and building loops with percussion and vocal effects. An entire instrumental atmosphere in which the arpeggios with wide reverberation and the distorted riffs on the guitars that supported part of the songs stood out, as well as bending and slides that contributed airs of country-blues, for example, to the « Xota d´Almoñu Moliñeira de Fonteta « .

On this careful instrumental base the voice of Leticia Baselgas runs, sometimes breaking in and imposing herself with determination and other times dialoguing with the guitar lines. It is a voice with a lot of plasticity that adequately adapts to both live phrases and notes. He highlighted the successful articulation of the verses of « A la luz del cigarru », in which he knew how to play with different dynamics, and « Rumba d ‘El Corralín » by controlling a melody with a wide-range interval.

The recital served to review songs from his previous work and present some of the new one, « N.O.S », which was forged during confinement. It was a different concert, as happens with everyone in this new normal, although in the case of « LR » perhaps more, because their live shows are usually accompanied by the dance of the public, who on this occasion could not get up from the chair and saved everything. his enthusiasm for applause between songs and for a long, loud final ovation.