Kyrie Irving’s ex-girlfriend declares homosexual: “Everyone knew it except me”

American singer Kehlani Parrish, who five years ago had a controversial relationship with NBA star Kyrie Irving, has made his most intimate confession publicly confessing that is gay. The artist with an African-American father and a mother “mostly white, Spanish and Native American”, published a video on her profiles on TikTok and Twitter announcing a news that has not surprised family and friends: “I finally know that I am a lesbian. I’m gay, gay, gay“, he expresses.

The 25-year-old R&B star acknowledged that when she revealed what she considered a most personal secret, the reaction of those close to her made her realize that she had actually been the last to know. “I finally know that I am gay. And they told me: ‘We know‘”he confessed.” No! I wanted them to fall to the ground and say, ‘Congratulations! We had no idea, “he joked. But to his amazement it wasn’t like that, he lived in what they described as a glass closet:”You were the only one who didn’t know. The closet was made of glass“.

The singer was a mother just over two years ago with guitarist Javie Young-White, curiously after declaring herself queer. Now Kehlani openly declares herself as a lesbian and with the firm conviction of raising her little girl in an environment without prejudice and surrounded by people with different sexual identities. In addition, he acknowledges that he has achieved great support from his followers: “I didn’t really have to come out of the closet in my private life (…). It’s not like I walk down the street and people look at me and say, ‘Oh, I bet it’s queer. Or I bet he likes women, “he said.

A relationship with Kyrie Irving with a suicide attempt

In 2016, while the player was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the media protagonists They had a relationship that made headlines in the main tabloid media in the United States. And it is not for less, because love story was damaged by several important scandals. But the most surprising thing is that the situation became so untenable for the young woman who tried to kill herself due to the harassment and pressure she suffered on social media.

Instagram: @kehlani

And it is that many users accused her of having committed an infidelity against the athlete after her ex, rapper Jahron Anthony Brathwaite known as PartyNextDoor, posted a picture of the two in bed. “After all these shenanigans, the R&B singer is back in my bed“, he wrote to accompany an image in which the artist was recognized by one of her tattoos.

“Do not believe the blogs you read. No one was deceived and I am not a bad person. It is a misunderstanding. Today I had no desire to see tomorrow, but God has saved me and for that I must be grateful,” she wrote from the hospital.

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