Nick Kyrgios has a tremendous talent for playing tennis, but he remains determined that he be known more for his extra-sports scandals than for what he does on the court.. If a few days ago he appeared drunk in a live with Andy Murray and left a new dart against Nadal, now he has spoken more of the account during one of his online games of the famous game Fortnite on Twitch. And is that the Australian did not come up with a better idea than boast of his sex life days after it was known that his relationship with fellow tennis player Anna Kalinskaya had ended.

In one of his games on the video game, he began to answer questions from users, but the one that stood out the most was the one asked by one of them: “Have you ever had sex with a fan?“Kyrgios, without cutting himself, assured a resounding yes that could have settled the question, but preferred to add:”Seriously, if I’m not seeing someone, that’s something weekly“, expressed as Infobae revealed.

In addition, in the same session he revealed an anecdote that he lived during a game with Roger Federer at the Laver Cup when he was attracted to a woman who was in the audience: “I was cutting Fedz (Federer) and I thought, ‘Damn.’ I just wanted to take her for a drink“he confessed.

Thus, Kyrgios adds a new chapter to his wide repertoire of controversial statements which includes ordering a beer from a ball boy at Roland Garros, ensuring that he went out every day before winning in Acapulco, or telling Wawrinka in the middle of the game that Kokkinakis had slept with his girlfriend.

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Anna Kalinskaya’s messages against Kyrgios

The young tennis player expressed her anger with the Australian on social networks, demonstrating that she does not keep a good memory of their relationship: “You are not a bad boy, you are just a bad person,” he said. She added shortly after that it was about someone else, but the stir was armed. “What happened to Kalinskaya? Nothing happened. We simply take separate paths. Unfortunately, things did not work. We had some fun memories, “said Kyrgios.