Kymco 400 Exciting S TCI, a scooter for long trips? (1/3)

Once upon a time there was a brand called Kymco that decided to build a 400 scooter, which it called Exciting S 400 TCI. With it, he managed to ensure that the category of 400 did not feel as lonely as they had felt until that moment.

Kymco 400 Exciting S TCI test

That beginning of the story corresponds, changing the actors, to the famous story of Pinocchio, that wooden doll that wanted to be a real child. This Kymco picks up a lot from this popular tale, this Kymco 400 is a scooter that wants to be a motorcycle. For a few days we have tested it in all situations and from Diariomotor we want this test to help you know if this Kymco is really your motorcycle or your scooter.

The word scooter or scooter means according to the DRAE “light motorcycle”. Ntldr; Let me use the word in Spanish and not as Anglicism. As always, reality goes faster than the laws and also, of course, than the Royal Spanish Academy. In the past, the 50 cc scooters were really light motorcycles, the first 125 too, but today we have scooters with amazing powers, with several cylinders and with weights that exceed 200 kg, such as this Kymco Xciting S 400, which according to the DRAE would no longer be a scooter / scooter.

Despite its more than 200 kilos, it is assumed and I ratify it, that this kymco is very urban, but of course, with those heights of weight and power, one already begins to think that perhaps this Kymco, is more than a scooter to go from one neighborhood to another. So this test, we will start at the end, doing what you would least think you were going to do in this Kymco 400: travel.

Day 5 and 6 of the test, travel to Portugal

I was looking at several tests of the motorcycle, I say of the Kymco scooter to nourish myself with the feelings of my colleagues, I fell that something was missing, a long distance test. A priori, its 400 and almost 36 hp single-cylinder engine seems scarce for those of us who have carried motorcycles since before we had teeth, but as you know, stories always bring magic and upset reality.

The first thing I do is familiarize myself with the Kymco app called NOODOE, in which there is a browser that indicates directions in the instrument panel, it is undoubtedly an invention although later I will tell you how it can improve. The first map is free, Portugal would be worth 20 euros; I do Spain with the motorcycle app, I say the scooter and Portugal with the google maps. The way to link the app with the motorcycle through your mobile is simple, that’s it, after a couple of streets where I make a mistake, I start to get fluent with the browser and better interpret what it is telling me. The navigator also, if you exceed the legal speed of the road, it warns you below, of the speed at which you should go. One thing that I also liked is that it alerts you to fixed radars, with an icon of a camera, at first, I thought it showed you the places of tourist interest, that would have been cool because from the app Kymco users hang their adventures, but I liked it more when in reality what marked you were the radars. I liked the way it is navigated, by means of indications, but it must improve in the roundabouts, it has to indicate before which direction to take, the navigator tells you that at 500 m you have a roundabout, but until 120 m you do not know which exit to take. In google maps, it tells you much earlier and helps you position yourself well to tackle the exit.

20210602180232 Img 5303

Well, in two days I did almost 1200 kilometers, I think it’s not bad. The screen adjusts easily and manually, I like the way it adjusts. At legal speeds it offers acceptable protection, demanding a little more from the fist, the head suffered too many swings. Going on the highway with the Kymco for many kilometers can be boring, on the way out I did about 100 km and on the return about 200 km. You will never feel slow, on the contrary, you could be one of the fastest objects on it on a normal day. The side wind was moving the motorcycle too much, can you go on long trips on the highway? Yes, but you will go worse than on a conventional road. It is a great alternative for short trips on the highway, but after 150 km, your body is somewhat tired of receiving gusts of wind.

The rest of the way I did it by conventional road, without a doubt, it would be my choice for a long trip. This is where you can get the best out of the Kymco. On the Xctiting S, you will feel safe, it is one of those bikes that makes you a better rider because of the security and confidence that it transmits to you. For this Kymco, undoubtedly due to its urban nature, slow and tight corners are better than fast curves.

In the cornering areas, how to tell you, I had a great time. It is a scooter that asks for more, perhaps the front end is too agile and nervous, remember, that this first test, we have taken it from its habitat that is the city and suburbs. It brakes beautifully, turns very well and changes direction at the chicane with great ease. With this engine you have to go at a good pace wherever you want, its acceleration from standstill is very good and perhaps, in overtaking on two-way roads, you have to overtake cooked; that is, start accelerating before the opposite car passes to overtake, when it passes, as quickly as possible. Remember, with 36 hp you can travel, but there are no miracles in physics. Acceleration and speed gain from 100 km / h to 130 makes it slower than from 0 to 30 km / h. Thus, passing cyclists or slow vehicles will be very easy and safe.

20210602175752 Img 5299

The area where you put the shoeIt seemed somewhat narrow to me, it makes up for it by being able to bring your foot in front or behind as much as your flexibility allows, there are times when going 5 hours in the same position tires you and moving a little gives you air. I was amused that on the second day of the trip, while tracing the curves, I already put my feet in front, a sports scooter at an open angle, and not with my legs at 90 degrees like a traditional scooter. I had done the Kymco 400.

The tank has twelve and a half liters of capacity, with normal driving, it has a consumption of between 3 and 4 liters, which allows you to do more kilometers than your body can handle without having a little break. Logically, the consumption is higher the more tickle you look for when it brakes, accelerates, traces, accelerates. I really liked the gas cap, it opens and closes with a very fast click, as if you were racing. This is a sports scooter and in terms of the cycle part, there is no doubt, the engine is the most powerful in its category. Perhaps you prefer a traditional rear shock, which offers more information but the two that it has are quite well set.

In every little town that stopped, especially in the part of Portugal, the Kymco created expectation for its design, in Salamanca, there was a man who wanted to exchange it for a batch of hams and sausages, he almost succeeded, he proposed it at lunchtime. Special mention has the handbrake, easy to operate and very useful to stop and take good photos.

The controls work very well, although I did not like the position of the hazard lights, it is the same start button, the only thing is that instead of pressing, you take it out, push it and I did it often with my thumb when I wanted to see kilometers on the on-board computer. On several occasions, I went with the warning for a long time without realizing it.

20210602175258 Img 5297

Come on, ask me the question. Is it a motorcycle to travel? No, but it can be done. It lacks load capacity and aerodynamic protection and although the engine is a marvel, a few more hp to overtake on two-way roads would not hurt. But, advancing a little more data from the test, this Kymco 400 Xciting S is AristotelianThere are better alternatives for traveling, for the city, but this Kymco is good for everything, it is good at everything, it is balanced. I remember that the day before I was called from an agency for a job. Oscar, can you … yes, you could … yes, in the end he tells me; that’s nice As I was saying “yes”, I was thinking that some “yes” will have more complications than others, but I could do what he asks of me. So is this Kymco. City yes, weekend outings yes, travel yes, with passenger yes, you can do it, some things with more complications than others, but in the end it complies. The world of motorcycles is made to have several motorcycles, as that is not possible sometimes, this Kymco 400 could be the best option, it would be worth everything. How many 600-kilometer trips will you make? Probably few, but if you have to do it, know that it can be done. When you do, allow me a tip, go equipped with a motorcycle, because you will do motorcycle things and being a scooter you have the philosophy of city use in your head. Good helmet, gloves, good jacket and pants, a must.

This kymco has her virtue in balance, it is a yes to everything although some things are better than others. Keep in mind that in this first part, we have taken the Kymco 400 Exciting S off its ground, despite not being a motorcycle to travel, at a given moment, you can do it. In the second part, we will test it in what will be its territory most of the time, the day to day, in that strip from Monday to Friday.

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