Kylie Jenner in bikini shares her greatest wish in these quarantine moments | INSTAGRAM

The famous businesswoman Kylie Jenner, younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan, has a great beauty that she has obtained with great effort and exercise, something that has been shown in her photographs and more in this one that appears in a bikini.

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Kylie showed off her great figure in a super cute bikini that she wore on one of her beach visits in a chair while bathing.

This is a photograph where he decided to express his greatest desire in these moments of social distancing, since he revealed that what he most wants is to be on the beach enjoying the water and the sand.

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With her beauty Kylie became one of the most liked of the application, so her fans were delighted and wanted to prove it by giving her many likes and comments of compliments and hearts.

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Currently, the young woman has more than 167 million followers and although there are people who often criticize her, many more are there to support her in everything she does, so they supported her in her wishes and asked her to have patience for no one wants her to be contagious.

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In fact in a previous publication he shared: “I miss social time, the faster we stay inside, the faster we can return to it … I hope everyone takes social distancing seriously‼”, because he wanted to help in his own way.

The isolation that millions of people are going through undoubtedly causes boredom and anxiety by not going out on the streets, that is why the businesswoman asked for advice from her followers.

This is how Jenner turned to her official Instagram account to ask what movies they recommended, and how they will know, she has not published new photos of her lately.