Kylie Jenner has made some changes to relaunch her most iconic product

Kylie Jenner.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / .

Businesswoman and designer Kylie jenner has made certain relevant changes in order to relaunch one of the most successful products, and clearly the most emblematic, of the many that it markets under its ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ brand: that collection of lipsticks that come in a wide assortment of colors and what, now, are packaged in a more minimalist boxes and inspired by the items in her ‘Kylie Skin’ skincare line.

When it comes to the new formulation of lipstick, the company has wanted to openly boast of a manufacturing process that is now seen subject to the rules of veganism, as well as its eight hours of duration, the reduced weight of the bars and the anti-stain effect that, without a doubt, will be highly appreciated by your most demanding clients.

Kylie has not revealed the date when these renewed products will be available to the public again, although she has promised that they will be put on sale “very soon”.

On the other hand, this relaunch seems to be part of a brand-new promotional strategy that will lead to a new era for the company, which will foreseeably launch new and surprising items in the coming months to consolidate its growing reputation in the fashion and beauty sector .

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