Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott spend time with their daughter Stormi

Although it might seem so, not everything is glamorous in the life of Kylie Jenner; The businesswoman is also very aware of her daughter Stormi.

The day of love gave Kylie Jenner and her ex Travis Scott the perfect excuse to spend the day together as a family and enjoy their daughter, little Stormi, who turned 3 years old at the beginning of February.

The stars visited Santa Barbara beach in California for Stormi to meet one of her friends, play with her parents and with her puppy.

Kylie was attentive to her little girl at all times, as it is well known that Stormi is her adoration and that in addition to being quite tender and obedient, she is really nice.

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For her day outdoors, Kylie chose to dress comfortably, so she chose a $ 400 Nike Air Force 1 Low and denim jeans.

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For the upper part of her outfit, she wore a SKIMS bodysuit, the brand of her half sister Kim in the shade “Juniper”, over which she wore a quilted Rick Owens down jacket.

With all the security measures, they enjoyed the beach and in some moments they took off their shoes to feel the sand between their feet. When Stormi took off her shoes, her dad took care of her belongings.

Stormi was very happy and quite grateful to be able to enjoy the view with her mother. For her part, Kylie took photos of her departure and shared some videos on her Instagram account.