Kylian Mbappé is problematic and has an inordinate ego: criticism of Rothen in the French national team | EuroCup 2021

Kylian Mbappé is one of the most talented and destabilizing players that the Eurocup has. The forward of the France team shines next to his teammates, but details of his strong personality have also been seen.

Days before the Euro competition began, the PSG striker had a confrontation with Olivier Giroud, a situation that, according to Jérome Rothen, a former French national team player, demonstrates Mbappé’s oversized ego.

Rothen, like Mbappé, went through Monaco and PSG. He is now a commentator for ‘RMC’. From that medium, the ex-footballer harshly criticized Kylian.

“He is the leader in the field, don’t worry (…) But taking that beyond the field, annoys me. I think Didier Deschamps can’t handle it anymore and it’s troublesome. It’s even amazing that I let Kylian Mbappé do so many things and spread out. His ego is inordinate. It has been problematic since the start of the EuroRothen pointed out.

He even questioned that Mbappé is among the top of the best players in Europe. “We expect much more from Mbappé. (…) Everyone thinks he is one of the best players in Europe, but if you immediately place him in the top category you cannot settle for a pass to Benzema and a physically won duel that brings Griezmann to a draw against Hungary ”, He pointed.

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