The escort reserves Kyle korver, of the Milwaukee Bucks, says his greatest pursuit right now is for social change, not an NBA champion title.


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In the wake of the death of black man George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody, Korver has focused on the social issue of racism and police brutality.

« If my black teammates and my friends and brothers feel that the best way to achieve real change is not to play, I am with them », stressed the triple specialist.

He added that « if we think that this is the best way to have a change (in society), I care more about change than a championship« 

This was stated this Tuesday to retired NBA player Richard Jefferson during a SportsCenter Instagram Live session.

« I am in a team that feels we can win and I have never won. I would like to win. Is there a way to do both? » He asked. « I think we can talk about it, » argued Korver, 39.

« But I will follow the example of my black brothers and teammates in this and I will be with them in whatever they want to do. That is what I want to contribute. I want the change to happen and be a part of it in any way I can, but I’m also looking forward to the return of the NBA competition, « he said.

A coalition of players led by Kyrie Irving, star base for the Brooklyn Nets, and Los Angeles Lakers reserve guard Avery Bradley is pushing to hear the NBA plan to help the causes of the black community before the regular season restarts from next July 30.

Korver said he is ready to support his fellow Blacks in the « Black Lives Matter » movement.