Kurt Cobain and the time he was in jail for graffiti

Photo: Kurt Cobain and the time he was in prison for a graffiti / .

Despite its short duration, the chaotic life of Kurt Cobain continues to talk about over the years, now, the lead singer of the band Melvins, Buzz osborne has remembered the time that the vocalist of Nirvana was in jail due to graffiti.

Osborne Y Cobain were close friends during their teenage years in the city of Aberdeen, Washington, so the vocalist of Melvins He has taken the opportunity to remember that anecdote with his friend while speaking in a session of streaming.

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While talking to his fans on the Valentine’s Day special, ‘The Melvins’ Divine MonkeyShines’, promoting the band’s next album, Osborne he remembered how he and Cobain used to graffiti the walls of the city.

« You try to think of something that really bothers all the people, » he explained. Osborne about what motivated them to vandalize, revealing that their favorite phrase was « God is gay » a phrase that was later used by Nirvana in the song, ‘Stay Away’.

« We were walking on the corner of this bank and suddenly there were policemen, many policemen everywhere … and we just started running in all directions, » he added Osborne.

“Suddenly we heard a car on the corner… somehow they had caught Cobain. As if it had been hiding and suddenly it arrived at the place ”.

Kurt Cobain He ended up spending the night in prison, while a police report revealed that he was learned by spray painting the phrase, “ain’t got no how whatchamacallit ‘.

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« He was a very good artist … if he had painted a picture it would have been very good … but usually it was dark humor, » added the musician.

On the other hand, recently Dave Grohl revealed that, in his view, Kurt Cobain he was « the best composer » of his generation.