Kurt Cobain 26 years after his departure, fans still remember him fondly | INSTAGRAM

Singer and band leader Nirvana Kurt Cobain lost his life on April 5, 1994, although his body was found up to three days later.

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His music and irreverent way of living made him a legend.

Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 20, 1967, unfortunately it was on April 8 when his inert body was found at his home in Seattle, after being shot with a shotgun. The autopsy details revealed that said act was carried out on April 5, 1994.

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Cobain was a kind of depressing Beatle who, as with many of his style, was an example for many others without having the slightest intention of doing so.

Since Zurdo was born, he was difficult to classify as a guitarist because he did not flaunt virtuosity and the rhythmic pulse of Nirvana’s songs was marked by the bass of Krist Novoselic, co-founder of the band, and the drums of Dave Gröhl, the last to join the trio after several searches that ended in 1990, when they joined the current leader of Foo Fighters.

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Through a style influenced by the Pixies, Sonic Youth and REM, Nirvana consolidated a peculiar style that would make school in the underground circuits of the United States. However, the exceptional talent of Kurt Cobain led the band to large audiences. Songs like Smell like teen Spirit, Come as you are, About a girl, Lithium, among others are worthy rock anthems today.

Although it would be the same recognition that the band obtained that would take Kurt to various depressions and drug abuse. He was not comfortable with all the reflectors on him. Somehow, he felt that he had betrayed his ideals.

Despite everything, he filmed with MTV the filming of an Unplugged. An emblematic concert since years later many would consider it the singer’s farewell, since it does not seem a mere coincidence that the setting of the stage as a funeral and the setlist, somewhat heartbreaking, were coincidence.

Finally on April 8, 1994, after weeks of depression, after several attempts to take his life, at age 27, Kurt Cobain’s body was found in a room above his garage. He had killed himself with a shotgun blast to the mouth.
Even today his departure is regretted and his music is remembered with great affection.