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Alyona Savranenko, better known by her stage name of Alyona Alyona is one of the minds that are shaking the music of 2021, not only because her music sounds extremely fresh and powerful, but because she has a character and a personality that have helped her stand out in your enviroment.

Hailing from a small town called Kapitanivka, the woman graduated from Pedagogical University and worked as a kindergarten teacher before beginning to compose her first rhymes and build the beats with which she would become known.

Her first video clip, titled “Rybky”, came out in 2018 and immediately went viral, revealing part of the character that everyone would later know: a plus-size woman, proud of her body and determined to laugh at stereotypes. of predominant beauty.

In her songs, Alyona Alyona highlights important themes to ponder such as ecology, famine, poverty, the current pandemic, inner strength and harmony, hatred and stereotypes about the beauty of women.

His first album, entitled Pushka, was chosen as the best album of 2019 according to the Yuna awards.

After releasing another short album, titled V khati MA, Alyona Alyona began to be recognized practically everywhere, especially after not only music media, but also Vogue and Independent, began to talk about her. Lifestyle site Highsnobiety included her on their list of 10 Women Who Are Breaking It In Hip-Hop Right Now.

Thus he also received other recognitions such as: the Anchor Prize, by Reeperbahn; Forbes 30 under 30; Midem Talent Export finalist and a Music Moves Europe Award nomination.

2020 was an important year for her, as she began working with multinational firms such as Def Jam Poland and Universal Music Group, with which she began to prepare her next and apparently definitive assault: the album Galas (2021), whose title is a Ukrainian expression that translates to being provocative, as this woman presents herself in front of the microphone and the cameras.

The album includes 16 songs recorded with artists from various countries, including Canadian hip-hop artist Dax; the Australian Sexton; the Argentine EKCO; Israeli star Noga Erez, also Ukrainian Monatik and Mexican rapper Yoss Bones, who participates in a track called “Pappi Pappi”.

About this and other issues, we spoke with the artist who, according to what they say out there, is changing Ukrainian rap.

Alyona, tell us about this new album in which a Mexican rapper collaborates with you.

Well, during 2019 I played a lot in several European countries, and in a meeting I had with Santa Fe Klan, they showed me Yoss Bones and I decided that she was perfect, not only because she is a woman, but because she has power and I really like her She vibrates, her way of speaking, her voice is very melodic, so I just sent her a few beats, because I wanted her to write first and then me.

Many people say that you are revolutionizing Ukrainian rap, what do you think of that?

Perhaps it is true, but it is not a political revolution like the one we had in 2014, but a revolution in rap, on the street, because after Ukraine began to be independent, all rappers ran to Russia for fame and fortune. We have good Ukrainian rappers, but they all live in Russia, so after 2014, people started to find rap in the Ukrainian language, but I am the first in the underground who started to be famous for rapping in Ukrainian.

How do you make your proposal sound so fresh?

I don’t know, it’s probably because I have a team of great musicians, creators of rhythms, many of them are from the old school, although we also like the new school… I have always liked Eminem, his fluid proposal; I was really inspired by North American rap; They taught me to be myself by rapping.

Who are the members of that team? Tell us more about them.

They are not people who are famous; They are street kids who really wanted, like me, for rap to be popular in Ukraine, because it has never been so popular. So, they are great doers, but it’s just ordinary people, people like me: from towns, cities, who just wanted the people of Ukraine to listen to more rap.

You really like to play with your figure and with the stereotypes of female beauty, and you also do it in a very fun way in your networks and video clips.

Yes, in Ukraine we really like to laugh, and we enjoy television shows or comedies, and I like irony. That’s why I laugh at myself and my body, because it’s okay: I love myself and I feel good that way.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

You know? 50/50… Because some things about feminists are very close to me. Like questioning why boys can be rappers but girls can’t? It is not normal. Or why can boys be not good cooks but girls can? That’s not right, so some feminist things are close to me, but I don’t know if all …

For those of us who have not yet seen your concert, how would you describe it?

He’s very rocker, people are always jumping and singing; I have a team accompanying me, including a DJ, so at concerts people really feel my energy, I give all my energy to people, while I rap in English and Ukrainian, which they like a lot.

On this side of the world we know very little about Ukraine. I could hardly mention Mila Jovovich or Mila Kunis. What else should we know about Ukraine?

First, that it is a very interesting and cultural country, where you can see the beautiful nature around you, some historical places and buildings, and that we are very kind people, we are always happy to make new friends. And we have a lot of popular people in Ukraine: from poets to footballers and boxers, so we are interesting… Ah, we also have mountains and sea, and cheap prices for everyone!

And musically, what do you recommend us from Ukraine?

Well, there are singers like NK or Nastya Kamenskih, who is actually popular in Latin America;

we have a very cool singer named Monatik, who sings hip hop-pop, but with a very rocker style; there’s also Alina Pash, who does something very interesting, like Kalush, who makes pop-rap, and KRUTЬ, who I really like.

We take homework to learn more about your country. Is there something you want to say to the people of Mexico?

First of all, thank you for listening to my music. I want to tell you that when I can be closer to you it will be to give you all my energy and my love… Thank you!

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