‘The Last Dance’ has become a global phenomenon since its launch on Netflix and ESPN on the 20th. Everyone talks about the documentary that tells how those historic Bulls of the 90s were, led by the best player in history for many, Michael Jordan.

04/25/2020 at 17:15



However, you have also criticized it. Like those performed by a weight player of that legendary team, the Croatian Toni Kukoc.

In an interview with NBC, the Croatian states: “I hope that the next chapters will focus more on the triumphant part of the” Last Dance “of 1997-98”, in honor of the words that the coach, Phil Jackson, said to the start of the same knowing that it would be the last for him in the team. In this way, as he assures, it will be well known how the Bulls won the third consecutive ring and the sixth in eight years.

“The important thing is that the rest of the documentary focuses on the successes we achieved, not on pointing out the culprits or looking for answers to why they did not win eight or 10 championships. People were happy and they were not upset by that,” she says. Kukoc. The one from Split was selected in the 1990 Draft by Jerry Krause and remained in the club until the year 2000. Therefore, he does not understand so much criticism of a general manager who managed a dynasty.

“He was the general manager of a team that won six rings. Tell me five people who have achieved the same in the world, in any sport,” says a critic Kukoc. However, despite everything, he does not hesitate to praise that the organization had great players like Jordan, Pippen or veterans of the caliber of John Paxson or Bill Cartwright who cemented the successes of a historic team.