Kruno Raúl León Sierra: Look inside to be seen outside

Kruno Raúl León SierraKruno Raúl León Sierra Source: Courtesy

Last year was a constant journey of lessons that left exposed our weaknesses as people, as families, as entrepreneurs and as a company. Among them were many franchises, business family members, even small companies exposed to the traditionalism of carrying out things as our predecessors did for a long time or doing things the same way as always (total, what could happen if we did the same thing over and over again thinking that had the key to prevail)

A remarkable lesson that taught us that shifting our external global vision to a web-focused vision was the confinement, the policies of “take away service only” and “shipping only“They became the great constant in the best of cases, in others such as bars and gyms it was the total closure. Being exposed in this way represented a real challenge and those who knew how to take the” bull by the horns “gave them the magnificent opportunity to open up to new markets, generate new marketing strategies, accept new challenges to adjust to a “new normal“as they now call it.

Every time you find in the market more micro and small companies selling their products online, the local merchant now competes “you for you” with large companies in all social networks, where now the most important thing is creativity to promote themselves, likewise there are companies that adapted so well that they do alliances with private transport platforms because it is more profitable, faster and more effective to pay a route to deliver your products to a private vehicle than to pay a transnational company.

It is clear that we are now in a new era of commercial adaptation where the most creative will have the most advantage, new rich young “influencers” who have known how to take advantage of their adaptability move like fish in water working from home, generating content, using what is already natural for them … the knowledge of social networks and the use of the Internet.

Remember that today we are in a new normal as a society, in such a way that we are assuming new commitments to take care of ourselves and others, but also as entrepreneurs we must enter the paradox of “look inside to be seen outside“, move on social networks and venture into the Internet to reach more potential buyers or clients, learn that we need to break paradigms and dare to change because the only safe and constant thing is change.

The author is a Psychologist and External Consultant at Elizondo Cantú, SC.

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