Kriechmayr triumphs, Pinturault limits the breakage

Austria’s Vincent Kriechmayr won the Kitzbühel Super-G on Monday, ahead of Marco Odermatt and Matthias Mayer. Alexis Pinturault took a nice eleventh place and remains more than ever at the top of the general classification of the World Cup.

Due to the postponement of the Kitzbühel descent on Saturday, the Super-G was postponed to Monday, and this early week race brought luck to Vincent Kriechmayr. The 29-year-old Austrian, who started with number 5 on the icy track, triumphed at home, ahead of Switzerland’s Marco Odermatt by 12 hundredths and his compatriot Matthias Mayer by 55. Kriechmayr takes the seventh victory of his World Cup career, the first in eleven months and the first on the legendary Kitzbühel track. Odermatt offers himself his ninth podium and Mayer the 32nd, he who had already finished second in Friday’s downhill and third in Sunday’s. The big winner of the two downhills of the weekend, Beat Feuz, meanwhile missed a gate at the end of the course and therefore did not finish, but he was not in the rhythm to sign a good result anyway. . The big surprise of this race came from Canadian James Crawford, sixth with his bib 28, who signed the best result of his career, at 23 years old. Ditto for the 24-year-old Austrian Stefan Babinsky, who started with bib 32, who had never done better than 23rd in the World Cup and who finished seventh.

Pinturault did well to come!

On the French side, it is not a speed specialist who finished with the best time, but Alexis Pinturault is above the lot this season, and he managed to take eleventh place, 1 ″ 56 off. Kriechmayr. Johan Clarey, the hero of Sunday, with his second place on the descent, at 40, was a little blunt (especially since he suffered a heavy fall on Thursday in training) and finished thirteenth. Nills Allègre, for his part, fell heavily after a big jump at the start of the race. He finished in the second net after crossing the first, but managed to get up on his own. Thanks to his victory, Vincent Kriechmayr takes the lead in the Super-G World Cup, three races from the end, with 16 points ahead of Mauro Caviezel, injured, who will not be seen again this season. Alexis Pinturault, with the 24 points taken on Monday, is of course still at the top of the general classification, with now 195 points ahead of Marco Odermatt. He will now do the 140 kilometers that separate Kitzbühel from Schladming, in order to participate in the famous night slalom on Tuesday.

Super-G Ranking – Monday January 25, 2021
1- Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) in 1’12 ″ 58
2- Marco Odermatt (SUI) at 0 ″ 12
3- Matthias Mayer (AUT) at 0 ″ 55
4- Christof Innerhofer (ITA) at 0 ″ 59
5- Christian Walder (AUT) at 0 ″ 70
6- James Crawford (CAN) at 1 ″ 11
7- Stefan Babinsky (AUT) at 1 ″ 19
8- Andreas Sander (ALL) at 1 ″ 41
– Loic Meillard (SUI) at 1 ″ 41
10- Romed Baumann (ALL) at 1 ″ 52
11- Alexis Pinturault (FRA) at 1 ″ 56

13- Johan Clarey (FRA) at 1 ″ 70
18- Brice Roger (FRA) at 1 ″ 97
23- Blaise Giezendanner (FRA) at 2 ″ 16
25- Adrien Théaux (FRA) at 2 ″ 21

Let’s give up: Nils Allègre (FRA), Roy Piccard (FRA), Beat Feuz (SUI), Emanuele Buzzi (ITA), Kjetil Jansrud (NOR)…