Krejcikova: “I feel like people see me differently”

Winning your first Grand Slam is the perfect gift until two weeks pass and you assimilate your new reality, that of an athlete who will always be called upon to give his best in each tournament. This is the turn that the life of Barbora Krejcikova since he conquered Roland Garros, feeling that new pressure that is really a privilege. Before contesting the singles table for the first time in Wimbledon, the Czech spoke to the press about her change of status.

“It is very good to make my dream come true but, on the other hand, I know that there are many girls who are playing so well. Now I have to get back on solid ground, work hard again and try to improve, otherwise I will not play these tournaments and I will not play at this level in the next few years. If I stop, I will no longer be good enough. I feel like people see me differently, maybe they have higher expectations, but I try not to push myself more. Practically, I have achieved everything that I always wanted, now the only objective for me is to enjoy tennis a lot and try to learn things, “confessed the world No. 17.

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