Jerry krause, the GM of Chicago Bulls during all the titles that the franchise got with Michael Jordan, is the bad guy from the movie in The Last Dance. It is because the documentary, of course, focuses on the figure of the best basketball player of all time and all the supporting actors (the Bad Boys of Isiah Thomas, the forgotten Kukoc, Pippen charging two duros and postponing his operation or the ogre Krause) don’t stand very well.

However, you have to be fair to him and it is true that even Jordan, even after his death, recognized that he had been a key figure in the Bulls: “He was a key figure, it meant a lot to the Bulls, the White Sox and the city ​​of Chicago. ”

Krause, who died before publishing half-written memoirs, was unrepentant about his bad relationship with Michael Jordan and was sticking his chest out with some anecdote in which MJ acknowledged his good work:

“Two years after he transferred to Charles Oakley for Bill Cartwright (he and Charles were intimate) he called me in training and said, ‘That transfer you did was really good.’ I just looked him in the eye and gave him the Thank you.

The truth is that Krause, in his memoirs, acknowledges his bad relationship with Jordan and that it all started in 1985 when Michael broke a toe and was away for months. As seen in the opening episodes of The Last Dance, he went to North Carolina to start playing without the Bulls’ permission and risked injury again. This situation greatly cooled the relationship of Krause and Jordan, which was never good again and experienced its worst episode in that 1998 in which one tried to get the sixth ring and the other thought more in the long term, in the reconstruction of the franchise.