Krajinovic is the first tennis player to receive the vaccine and he does it live

Updated 04/04/2021 – 16:28

Novak Djokovic, world number one, made it clear last summer that he hopes that getting vaccinated against the coronavirus is an option and not an obligation.

His compatriot Filip Krajinovic, 35 in the ATP ranking, was the first tennis player to have received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. He has done it in Serbia and has explained it in the following way in the Blic newspaper: “It is important for me not to be quarantined when I go to play a tournament and return to normal life. I am not against vaccines because they are helping to save people“.

Krajinovic confesses that he doesn’t like being locked up: “It’s being especially hard for me on a psychological level. It brings me down. Life inside a bubble tires me and I lose motivation. With the vaccine everything will be easier“.

Exceptions list

The ATP announced this week the advantages of vaccinated tennis players, among which is being able to go to train at the facilities of a tournament after passing the corresponding PCR test upon arrival and without having to isolate themselves in the room to wait for the results.

For the circuit to take into account the player’s vaccination, 10 days must have passed with respect to the last dose. Then they will enter a list of exceptions that will be sent to the different contests.

Similarly, a professional who has tested positive will be a margin of three months without passing tests because it is interpreted that a possible positive will be due to traces of the virus. Fernando Verdasco found himself in this situation at the last Roland Garros and was disqualified without the option of a test that confirmed that he had antibodies to the disease that had happened a month before and for which he was erased from the United States Open.