Korina regrets clashes between people of different nationalities Peru News

Korina Rivadeneira expressed her sadness at the constant rivalries that exist between people of different nationalities.

For some time now, many countries have become the scene of various confrontations that have been the product of xenophobia. For this reason, the Venezuelan model used her social networks to reflect on this issue and give advice to all her followers.

« It is not possible that there is so much hatred between people for being of different nationalities, races, religions and sexual inclinations … It is time to be more united than ever, » wrote Korina Rivadeneira in her Instagram stories.

Post by Korina Rivadeneira Photo: Instagram

Like her, Ezio Oliva spoke about the tension that exists between Peruvians and Venezuelans, and asked that the union prevail.

“Neither Peruvians nor Venezuelans. We are all Latino and brothers. Working every day to get ahead for our families in the midst of a pandemic that has the world falling apart, « he wrote in Instagram.

The singer also stressed that there is evil in all the countries of the world, but that this is not a reason to prejudge others: « There are violent people, but let’s not make the serious mistake of sentencing a person without first knowing them. »

Finally, the artist assured that we all want to live in a society where there is peace.

« We are only human beings (and) I am sure that the vast majority want peace. »

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