Konstantin of Bulgaria, godfather of the Infanta Sofía, birthday


He was one of the indisputable protagonists in the family photograph of the Infanta Sofía’s first communion. A man who had not been seen much, but very important not only for the Kings of Spain, but also for their daughters. It is named after Konstantin of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Prince of Vidin and today he is 53 years old.

He is the fourth of the five children of King Simeon of Bulgaria and his wife, Margarita Gómez Acebo. And it is worth remembering that the relationship that the Bulgarian Royal Family has had has always been very close with the Spanish, given that Simeón is close to Juan Carlos I and his sons, Don Felipe.

Due to this close friendship, King Felipe VI asked Konstatin to be the godfather of his daughter, Infanta Sofía and that is why we could see him in the official photograph on the day of her communion.

Married to María García de la Rasilla in Madrid in 1997 they had two twins, Umberto and Sofía, they make up one of the families that have the most relationship with the Kings of Spain. Not only because of the friendship that unites Don Felipe with Konstantino, but also because of the support that he and his wife showed him in his engagement with Doña Letizia in 2003.

Another of the people of the Royal House that maintains ties with our protagonist is Infanta Cristina, who attended, showing all her marriage, the funeral of Prince Kardam of Bulgaria after being six years in a coma after suffering a traffic accident. In this way, Konstantin turns 53 today and does so by being one of the main supporters of the Spanish Royal Family.