The coronavirus hit Konnan’s family hard when his mother passed away. Dave Meltzer revealed all the details about what happened in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

Konnan’s mother dies because of COVID-19

Meltzer stated that Konnan did not tell too many people about his mother’s death. Only those close to him were informed about it.

The news about Konnan’s mother is surely sad, and our hearts go out to her family during this tragic time. Unfortunately, he is not the only member of the professional wrestling community to experience losses or find himself in a terrible situation.

Lana just revealed that her two parents tested positive for COVID-19. Kevin Owens’ grandfather passed away from coronavirus, and they had to see her funeral through Zoom. That is why she is so strict with the use of the mask.

About 30 people in the Lucha community also lost their lives or experienced complications due to the coronavirus.

According to reports, more positive cases of COVID-19 were found within WWE after the first round of swab testing. Now the company must take action in this regard, but it seems that the crisis is gradually reaching everywhere.

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