Koke, captain of the Atlético de Madrid, spoke after the defeat of the rojiblancos against the Leipzig in the quarterfinals of the Champions. The midfielder recognized the superiority of the rival and regrets the missed opportunity in Lisbon.


“They have been better. When they are better and you try, you have to congratulate them. He has not given us to match their intensity and when we were at our best, the second goal came ”.

Joao Felix

“Joao has given us a lot. He created the penalty, but that’s how football is. We had a lot of hope, but you have to get up ”.


« I do not know. In the field sometimes you are better and other times worse. We will see what we have lacked coldly ”.

Sad or hurt

“I am both. This is a different competition. In three games I could win a Champions League and it couldn’t be ”.