Before playing the Robinson apprentices in Koh-Lanta, Les 4 Terres, Carole was already on television. Indeed, in February 2020, she participated in the show Incroyables Transformations on M6. With the help of experts Léa Djadja, Nicolas Waldorf and Charla Carter, the adventurer has changed her look!

In Koh-Lanta, there is no room for coquetry. But on a daily basis, Carole takes care of her. This 52-year-old Marseillaise, eliminated in the second episode broadcast on Friday, September 4, 2020, was not always like this. A few months ago, she appeared in front of the cameras of M6 in jogging and socks, hair pulled up into a sloppy bun.

“I don’t dress like a woman. Because I have a complex, I feel bad about myself, she confided. I don’t accept myself as I am. I got lost … since my menopause. I gained a lot of weight, in all I gained 10 kilos. I do not try hard. Fortunately there is a friend of mine who said to me: ‘It is not possible any more. friend for ten years then registered Carole in the program Incroyables Transformations.

In the hands of the program’s experts, Carole has changed completely: look, hairstyle, makeup … and even cosmetic surgery ! The adventurer who represented the South team in Koh-Lanta was tempted by hyaluronic acid injections at the lips. This treatment has a “moisturizing power” and allows “to fill all the small fine lines around the mouth, to give a gloss aspect which smoothes the skin”, as it is explained on the air. Enough to allow Carole to uninhibit her mouth!

At the end of her transformation, this jovial mom was blown away! Much more feminine, she seems more than satisfied with her new look. Moreover, last March, a month after her metamorphosis, Carole made her return to the show … for her sister! The latter, conquered by the new appearance of the adventurer, has also been transformed!