In the most recent edition of the podcass The New Day: Feel The PowerThe Big Show appeared and spoke to Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods about various things. The world’s greatest athlete is known for his big machetes, which have flattened out several superstars in WWE history. The Big Show jokingly said that he chooses to give it harder.

“There is definitely a love factor that applies [a] who I punish and how I punish. There are some, who get a big hit, and it’s strong, and it hurts a little. Then there are some who ‘will be left red, bruised and bleeding.’ Big Show said, “Well, apparently, somewhere along the line we had a disagreement.”

To this, Kofi Kingson responded and claimed that Big Show and his machete blows to the chest were responsible for his sunken chest.

“You were talking about the reason why people have difficulties and it is based, more or less, on their attitude. And I wished you would have told me that in 2009 because I went out, debuted in 2008, and I’ll remind you that I had a nice normal chest, after that my chest was exploded and sunken. “

Finally Kofi reflected, and said that since then his chest has not been the same and it really changed his life (it should be noted that he said everything in a joking tone, Kofi really created a problem called pectus excavatum).

Kofi Kingston in WWE

While many might not realize it, Kofi Kingston is one of the oldest WWE Superstars in the current cast. He signed with WWE in September 2006, so he will soon complete 14 years with the company.

During his time in WWE, Kofi Kingston has become a huge fan favorite through his nimble fighting ability, insane stunts at the Royal Rumble, and his down-to-earth demeanor towards fans.

While he initially had a decent career as a solo superstar, his best work was as part of The New Day. Hailed by many as one of the most successful factions in WWE history, Kofi Kingston began teaming up with Big E and Xavier Woods in 2014 and the trio have had great success together. So much so that WWE has not separated them even six years since the formation of the New Day.

Kofi Kingston’s biggest moment within WWE came last year when he defeated Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 to win his first WWE Championship. He is currently the SmackDown tag team champion alongside Big E as Xavier Woods is out of action due to injury.

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