Koenigsegg kicks off his biggest reinvention by looking at how Tesla makes its cars

Koenigsegg wants to stop being a niche manufacturer, going from dozens of cars a year, to the ambitious goal of making thousands of cars annually. And to get it, Koenigsegg has hired one of Tesla’s big manufacturing managers, a key driver in Tesla’s growth in production figures and range expansion. A) Yes, Koenigsegg begins his great reinvention by looking at the model applied by Tesla to multiply the production of cars.

If there is one thing that Tesla cannot be blamed for, it is that it has achieved its ambitious production targets., currently having 4 different cars that are being mass-produced in different parts of the world (USA, China and soon Germany). With its pluses and minuses, but speaking of thousands of units produced on a monthly basis. And it is for this reason that Koenigsegg has focused on the model applied by TeslaIn addition, Koenigsegg places special emphasis on the way in which this growth has taken place, taking into account that we are talking about electric cars and that Tesla itself controls the manufacture of batteries.

With the launch of the Regera, and even more so with the Gemera, Koenigsegg confirmed a plan to reinvent the brand in order to give a new approach to its portfolio. Although the business remains focused on megacars with the Jesko at the helm, the Swedish manufacturer wants to expand its range downwards to have more models, with different approaches and at more “affordable” prices. The new hypercar market, where brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin or McLaren have entered, is enticing enough that Koenigsegg has its own alternative.

A) Yes, the Gemera has been Koenigsegg’s first big step in this regard, creating a real 4-seater GT, plug-in hybrid, with production of 300 units and a “lower” purchase price (1.7 million euros). The next step? Manufacture a new model capable of exceeding 1,000 units and almost in all probability 100% electric thanks to a new generation of thrusters and batteries developed with its partner Rimac.

Koenigsegg Jesko Gemera 2020 24

To get it, Koenigsegg has hired former Tesla director Evan Horetsky, one of the most responsible for Tesla’s global industrialization and expansion plans. The objective is to establish a strategic plan in which Koenigsegg can reconvert its production lines, keeping the current ones in Ängelholm (Sweden), but transforming them to be able to offer enough capacity to manufacture several cars simultaneously and with much higher manufacturing rates than the current ones. At the moment Koenigsegg barely produces dozens of units a year, so the jump it faces is really important.

Source: AutoNews

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