Koeman’s touch to the captains: “They have to lead the way and create an environment to go for everything”

Ronald Koeman appeared on Tuesday at the press conference prior to the stake between the FC Barcelona and the Elche at Camp Nou, meeting postponed from Day 1 of the League Santander. After the last blows both in the Copa del Rey against the Seville, in the Champions League against him PSG and the last garter before him Cadiz, the spirits in the culé team are low. The Dutchman acknowledged that he is concerned about the situation, being disappointed, but also believing in his team’s options for the domestic championship.

Elche similar to Cádiz

«It is true that he seems an opponent who, above all because of his victories against Eibar, is confident, he is fighting not to go down. It’s a tough game like the one the other day. He comes to lock up, I don’t know if Elche is going to play as far back as Cádiz the other day. They made a profit. It depends on ourselves. our game with the ball, defending well in important moments ».

Defense concessions

«You always have to analyze the state of the team, the physique of each player, the confidence of each one. We know that individual errors have cost us points and matches. I think it’s not fair to go after one player or one defender alone. Because we had the opportunity to sentence, we have had many opportunities in many games. Once again we create a lot. The effectiveness was not what a team like Barça must have. There are more things where we leave points ».


‘I spoke to him this morning. He is a serious, professional player. It is very personal, as I have said before, of course there are more things, a single player is not guilty. It is a play where he cannot do better, if it is true that he has been in defense in some moments that we have made mistakes. We have also made mistakes in attack where we could sentence the game, where we could make it 2-0. A play in the last minute is not so decisive. It is trying to analyze what is good, but not assuming all the problems for Lenglet, he has to improve things like anyone else.

Haaland or Mbappé

«This is not the time to talk about other players. We are playing important games, they may be the future of the club, of a new president, but we have to focus on ours. The games that come are decisive, for the rest that we have left this season. We have to focus on this.

Toni Freixa

I don’t know if it’s all true. Until I speak with the new resident I cannot say anything. I do not know. You have to wait to find out who the new president is. He has to mark the future, the coach, the future of the squad… I wait until day 8 ».


«Being a Barça player you always have to win. It is a moment of the season where we play a lot. You have to look for energy that was there during many games lately. We have left points at home, but in the last 13 games we have won 10 and we have drawn three. I am disappointed to lose points at home, but we have to follow this path. If we fail more, there comes a time when you no longer have a chance to do something.

Options in the League?

«I think we can fight for the championship. It is being shown that each team can go down, it costs them their matches. It depends on the two games that come, the two that come are important to fight for the championship. We have to go back a game, I do not think nor am I in favor of thinking about that. This week there are three vital matches for our ambition to fight for something. it’s complicated, we have to come back from a home game without an audience. With public it is easier to go back ”.


«He is improving, he will not be there tomorrow, he will not arrive. You are training at your own pace, with our physios. It is getting better. You have to do group training to see the sensations, whether it is there or not. There are doubts in that sense. We have to wait, for the weekend, or for next Wednesday. It is not good to give a specific date, it all depends on how it improves.

Disgusted hobby

“We know that in two days everything can change, it can change people’s feelings, opinions of the press, we have to accept it. I think the result of the other day of PSG and Sevilla has hurt us. We are Barça, we have to be proud to play and be here. It is a time where the experienced people, the captains, have to create an environment where we go for everything. We have to play our game and put energy that we have put into other games, Putting that image is important.


“We give young people many opportunities. I don’t think it is the most important moment of our season to get more people from below. I am fair, I always think of young people, of giving them opportunities. To get the chestnuts out of the fire we need experienced people. We already have many young people, we have to find balance. Find a team that gives energy and freshness for tomorrow. There are players who have played many games, they are tired and you have to decide which team will start tomorrow.

Will Lenglet start?

«These are decisions to be taken as a coach. A player has to be convinced, have confidence in himself and it depends on the physical and mental state of each player. Not only Lenglet. It is looking for the best for tomorrow’s game ».


«The mood has lowered a little, it is normal. Every three days there is a match. If we win tomorrow we get second in the table ».

Goal foul

“The problem is not that we do not create, the problem would be that we do not create opportunities. It is asking the players above for more effectiveness. We had opportunities to score the second. These are important moments where this season we lack effectiveness, the percentage of scoring is low ».

Griezmann and Dembélé

“You have to analyze the opportunities they have had, Griezmann last month was very effective and before that it cost him. The other day Dembélé had three or four greats, where you have to score one. This is true that we lack more effectiveness, by several players from midfield up.

How is Koeman?

«Good today. I was terrible after the result on Sunday. I feel responsible for how to improve things. It affects me, but not my spirits. This morning I told them that we can, none of them are going to win every game. It depends on the next matches. You have to get everything to be able to fight for the championship and the Cup. There is hope.

Lack of criticism of the players

“Inside yes, my job is to speak, analyze and let the players see what mistakes we made. I have individual meetings with the players. The only thing I do not like is speaking through the press, it is not good to speak outside. It is important to do it face to face with the player. You have to be direct, but from the outside you have to protect your players, have good communication with your players. Inside I think you can speak clearly.

Why do so many mistakes happen on defense?

“It may be because it has already cost us points, it may be a little scary, that it is difficult for us to play calmly in the last minutes, because we miss opportunities to sentence, we know that the rival will have opportunities. Is bad luck. There are times when it is not fair. You always have a moment when the opposites seem that with little they do, mark us. If they are details of matches where we have to improve.

Touch the captains

“I think there are leaders, captains in the team. From behind with Piqué, Sergi Roberto is not there, Alba is experienced, Busquets in the middle, Leo up…. If it is true that they have to lead the way, they are quality people, with personality who have gained many things … They have to show the way to young people.