Koeman: “The discussion between Griezmann and Piqué? I like it to happen during the game”

Ronald Koeman He appeared before the media in the preview of the meeting this Sunday before the Cadiz at the Camp Nou. The Dutch coach spoke about the team’s morale after the painful defeat in the Champions League against him PSG: «In the first training session there was a lower atmosphere and that is good, but today I have seen them well and eager to win the game».

The rival

«After a defeat it is always good to have a match to show that we can be better and get a good result. We have a good track record in the League and we have to continue. We have ambition and we have to react ».

Message after PSG

«As I said, after the game the world does not end. We must analyze our failures and improve. The other day we were bad with our game and we gave many options to the opposite in the counterattack. I hope that tomorrow we come out strong and win.

Objectives of the season

“We are still in the three competitions. The Champions League is very complicated, but in the Cup we can come back if we are more effective. I think we can get through the tie. In the league we have a good track record, but it depends on those at the top. I’m not so negative, we are Barça and we have good players to react to ».


«The priority is the game that lies ahead. It is not good to think about Sevilla, before we have three games that are very important. Every game is important, especially after what happened the other day. For me, the way is to be strong and try to win things. The goal is to win every game.


«I have my ideas for the future of the club, but I have to wait to know who is going to be the president. Then we will talk about the future.

Bad results against the greats

“Well, we won away against Juve and then we lost at home. We lost against PSG, but we can win the second leg in Paris. It is difficult to say what we lack against the greats. I don’t think we can’t compete against them, we’ve been close. I don’t see one team much more than another, we can beat anyone ».

Team morale

“It doesn’t bother me that there are harsh comments and that the press draws its own conclusions. My job is to prepare for the games, above all you have to give courage and show pride in being a Barcelona player. We have to show that we can improve and win.

League level

I don’t think it has come down. It is a moment in which the Spanish teams have not been able to win. The Spanish teams are strong, you cannot draw conclusions of this kind.


“It’s fine. We did well the other day, he had no problems. He has trained well and is available.

Team sensations after PSG

«It is normal that emotionally you are a little low after what happened. In the first training session, a lower environment was noticeable and that’s good, if it doesn’t affect you, you can’t be like that. Today I saw them well and with a lot of desire to win the game ».

Goals from set pieces

«We analyze the lack of 1-3 and leave space to defend. You have to be more focused, on this issue we don’t have the strength and the height. We must be more focused and not make useless mistakes that could harm us.

Piqué-Griezmann discussion

«During a match there is a lot of tension and there are always things that cannot be accepted. It’s good that there are people like that on the team. These are moments of high tension in a match. If it happens during the game I have no problem, I like it, but afterwards you have to communicate. Be quiet and see what happens I do not like.


“He has had some injuries, but he is fine now. He is 19 years old and must learn. He has to be more focused and there are several moments in the game when he is not 100% focused. You can bring many positive things, but you must learn. It is a great step to come from Holland to Barcelona ».