A 3D artist and NBA fan pays tribute to the late Lakers star with this highly detailed mod.

The world of the NBA 2K saga on PC has always been marked by the so-called ‘cyberfaces‘. High-quality versions of league players created by users to enjoy the game in the best possible way. And withKobe Bryant’s tragic farewella few months ago a 3D artist wantedhonor the star Lakerhow best to do it: offering playersan ultra realistic version of Kobefor use in NBA 2K20.

Adrin Caada, better known asShuajota, is a Spanish artist who, as part of his hobby, is dedicated to creating and sharing theserealistic versions of league players, where his young version ofKobe Bryant. An image is worth a thousand words, so it is best that you see it for yourselfcompared to the original 2K version, along with some images from other well-known players.

As part of his projects, Shuajota collects on his website many of the game’s modder community creations, withimproved versions of LeBron James and Michael Jordanas before, the work ofYKWL and Cockboom’sor Ricky Rubio’s, which we also show you above. And even some projects as ambitious as the PC Basket 2020 mod that brings NBA teams together with more than 50 European teams and international teams.

Now how are these mods installed? If you are one of those who have just arrived atNBA 2K20 on PCNow that the game is at such a good price on its different platforms, the artist’s website includes a tutorial to install the aspects in the game, available at this link. The truth is that seeing these imageswant to jump into the game and unleash the Black Mambaagainst the best teams now. But if you still do not have this installment, here is the analysis of NBA 2K20.

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