Knowing glances, Ricky Martin leads family adventure

Knowing glances, Ricky Martin leads family adventure | Instagram

The singer Ricky Martin and her husband Jwan Yosef, reappear together with the family that they have formed in a series of stories and videos in which you can see knowing looks and lots of fun.

If there is something that we have been able to see from Ricky Martin It is how she enjoys her time with her family and this time she was no exception after she shared a series of videos on Instagram where she seems to embark on a new adventure with her husband and two of her children.

The singer and “Puerto Rican actor“appears at the wheel while sharing knowing glances with her husband Jwan Yosef who is shown smiling from the back seat as well as two of the couple’s oldest children, Valentino and Mateo Martin-Yosef.

In the middle of the photographs, the nationalized spanish He appears with a very relaxed outfit in which a simple hangover shirt can be seen which allowed to see the multiple tattoos that he carries on both arms, as well as a cap.

Their twins seemed very entertained on their respective electronic devices as they made the tour aboard the vehicle with their parents.

However, at a time when the “Puerto Rican star” was taking video, they turned to the camera making a sign of “love and peace” as a greeting.

It is not the first time that Martin Morales shares photos of his children, particularly the older ones who have stolen the spotlight on multiple occasions and have even shown that they really enjoy going out in public.

It would be in a past interview in which Ricky Martin revealed that he had to keep an eye on social networks since his little ones had a Tik Tok account, the twins have grown very fast, today they are all 12-year-old adolescents and little by little they have become small influencers.

Surely, at some point they will want to follow in the footsteps of their famous father, the “former man” with whom from a very young age they share some of the tours, something that undoubtedly excites them a lot, according to what the interpreter of “himself has shared. I remember you”.

Currently, the couple has four children, the twins, Valentino, Mateo, Lucía and Renn, but they do not rule out continuing to expand the family, the 49-year-old star revealed.

Freeze their embryos.

The “Puerto Rican” would reveal that “he has always thought of having a large family”, it could be 10 members, then he reconsiders and thinks that the six that make it up are fine.

Although it can be said, he could change his mind and in any case the “king of Latin pop” would freeze his “embryos”. Could it be that another member will arrive soon?

Some people think I’m crazy, but I love having a big family, so I have several embryos waiting for me. This is all I can tell, he pointed out to the Entertainment Tonight channel.

The Puerto Rican interpreter, currently living in Los Angeles and married to the Syrian painter of Swedish nationality Jwan Yosef, also admitted that her husband “will go crazy when he reads the news.”

The native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, describes how a normal day begins in his life and in moments when he thinks about the dream of having more children, when everyone agrees on a bad day

There are days when everyone is crying, there I recall that six is ​​a good amount, “he admitted.

To this, factors such as age are also added, being a father at 48 is not the same as when he debuted as a parent at 35, although he said he felt strong and healthy, he recognized that “it is a great responsibility,” he said.

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