know what its benefits are

Uber Pass reaches its third Latin American country: it is a unique monthly membership in the world market.

Welcome to Chile Uber Pass, a unique monthly membership in the world market. In times of pandemic it is a tool more than necessary.

Chile is the third Latin American country to have an Uber Pass. But what are its benefits?

Uber Pass allows users to travel with the Uber app and order food through Uber Eats. Also, make supermarket orders thanks to Cornershop.

Jordi Suárez, director of Uber Eats for Central America, Andean Region and Southern Cone, explains in depth the new scenario for Chile.

« At Uber we know that memberships play a fundamental and necessary role in the activities we frequently carry out, » he says. “They help us better plan and manage our expenses. Especially in such everyday issues as mobility and food ”.

« Uber Pass offers different discounts and promotions on the services available through the Uber, Uber Eats and Cornershop apps, » Suárez stressed in a statement.

The main benefits of Uber Pass

The cost is 5,990 pesos per month, and provides several benefits, such as:

10% discount on 40 UberX, Uber Flash, UberX VIP and Uber Kids trips in the cities where they are available.
Free shipping for 20 orders through Uber Eats, with a minimum consumption of 6,990 pesos in more than 4,500 restaurants in Chile.
Free shipping for seven Cornershop orders, with a minimum consumption of 20 thousand pesos.

The company also offers its users a free month of membership. This, in order to support economic reactivation during the pandemic.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits that only Uber Pass can offer you.