Know them: 9 IT directives that lead technology in Spain


Technology is full of opportunities, exciting challenges, and possibilities to change many facets of the world. But technology is also full of ties. Programming, managing an IT team or developing an application has always been seen as a man’s job where women, when seen, were a rare sight. A minority, especially of IT directives, which we want to make visible in this new ebook «Get to know them: women who direct technology in Spain» that we are now launching.

You just have to look at the figures to see this reality. Although at first glance there is no obstacle for women to access these studies, the reality is that only 32.3% of those enrolled in STEM are women, according to Eurostat data. An even more worrisome data if we focus on engineering where only 24% of the students are women or more specifically, in computing, which is left with 12%.BUTTON-DOWNLOAD (1)

If we go to work, the situation does not improve. Just a 8% of women hold technical and specialized positions, while 15% reach management positions. A low percentage that may be due to the fact that only 10.8% of the companies contemplated some type of program or specific policy when hiring women.

But why do women not access these types of positions? What prevents them from accessing managerial positions in the technological field? To answer these questions, we wanted to work with those women who are in the technological day-to-day within large Spanish companies, but outside the technology sector itself where, of course, we also have great IT managers.

Because, as the saying goes, there are them. But it is difficult to find these IT directives that we collect in the electronic book «Get to know them: women who direct technology in Spain». An initiative of MuyCanal and MCPRO where we wanted to make female technological leadership visible through 9 examples, demonstrate the great talents that we already have in our country and, above all, motivate all those women who see technology as something far away to go beyond borders and find in them references with which to rise.

This is our grain of sand in favor of the visibility of women in the technology sector where the vision, skills and knowledge of women can make a difference for a future that sounds very promising.

Because the combination of IT professional forces, regardless of their gender, is the only way to ensure that the sector is covered by all the talent that is out there. Human resources that need the same opportunities and why not say it, salaries or deals. Go ahead, we invite you to enjoy this ebook.

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