Know the quality of soluble coffees on the market

The Profeco made a quality study for various brands and presentations of soluble coffee. We will tell you which brands were incorporated into the study. Although Profeco found that most of the presentations analyzed meet quality standards, here we will tell you which ones do not have the quality you think.

Twelve cigars and 7 mixed with sugar were included in the study. The types included were: high-end, free brand, gourmet, decaffeinated, and non-decaffeinated. What Profeco evaluated of the various brands, qualities and presentations of soluble coffee was:

Compliance with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-051-SCFI / SSA-2010 General labeling specifications for prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages – Commercial and health information. He verified the veracity of the information that appears on the labels, and that it did not confuse the consumer about the composition. Compliance with the declared net content. For this, Profeco took as a reference the NOM-002-SCFI-2011 Prepackaged Products – Net content – Tolerances and verification methods. For pure coffees, compliance with the Mexican Standard NMX-F-139-SCFI-2010 Pure soluble coffee, without decaffeination or decaffeination – Specifications and test methods. In the parameters in which the standard establishes for the quality of the product maximum allowed contents in: humidity, pH (acidity or alkalinity level), caffeine content and absence of starch. Although there are no specifications, the same parameters were evaluated for soluble coffee mixed with sugar. Tests were made with the addition of corn and chickpea, to determine the starch content. Profeco did this to see if it was possible to determine the starch and thus observe the possible addition. Although there are no specifications, the total sugar content was determined in all samples. Mexico is the ninth largest coffee producer in the world. Photo: Pixabay.

Profeco points out that Mexico is the ninth largest coffee producer in the world. The importance of the product is reflected in the existence of the Law on the Preparation and Sale of Roasted Coffee, which was published in 1972. This law regulates the preparation and sale of roasted coffee in:

Grain or ground. Instant, granulated, pulverized and other soluble forms. Concentrates Infusions.

Profeco analyzed 19 brands and conducted 426 tests. The brands included were:

Of pure soluble coffee:

Combat Coffee. Cafe Garat. Great Value. Classic Nescafé. The Portals of Traditional Córdoba. 24 karat gold. Great Value Gourmet. Jacobs Gourmet Suave Blend. Ke! Price.

Decaffeinated pure soluble coffee

Combat Coffee. Golden Hills. Decaffeinated gold.

Mixed soluble coffee

Café Combate Golden Hills Café Legal. Nescafé Dolca Nescafé Dolca Canela Los Portales.

Decaffeinated blended soluble coffee

The study period was from May 22 to December 4, 2020. The product was purchased from May 22 to June 2, 2020.

The Attorney General recommends:

Drink coffee in moderation if you take tranquilizers or antidepressants. Also if you suffer from gastritis, ulcers or other diseases of the digestive tract. Read the labels carefully so you know what type of coffee you are buying. Choose your coffee according to your tastes and your needs. Avoid its consumption if you are pregnant.

Study conclusions:

Adulteration. In none of the coffees of any of the brands was the presence of starch observed. Although in another stage of the study this possible adulteration will be corroborated. Information. All the brands analyzed presented complete information, in accordance with the provisions of the standard. Differences. None of the soluble coffees deviated from the evaluated parameters. Where they differ is in their own sensory characteristics, in caffeine content. Net content. All the coffees analyzed met the declared net content. Sanitary quality. All the coffees analyzed met the health quality requirements. Sugar content. The coffees that contain sugar declare that this content is 30%. Caffeine content. The caffeine contents of sugar coffees are lower are lower than those of cigars.

The brand whose coffees did not meet specifications

Only two presentations of a brand contain a lot of sugar. Profeco points out that it is possible there is an adulteration. Although they will do more tests in a second stage of the study, to verify it. The brand is Golden Hills exclusive to Comercial Mexicana, and the presentations are decaffeinated coffee and soluble mixed coffee.

Profeco concludes its study with a recommendation. It says that the caffeine content for a 200 milliliter cup of instant soluble coffee, using a 2 g teaspoon, can be 87 mg, and in the case of 4 mg decaf, the amount of caffeine in a cup depends on how strong it is. take it.

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