Know installation date of applications or programs in Windows 10

It is not complicated at all know the installation date of applications or programs installed in Windows 10. We are going to teach you four extremely simple methods that anyone can perform in a matter of seconds.

In this way, you will be able to know the exact date an application or program was installed on your Windows 10 computer.

Find out when the programs were installed using the Control Panel

We can use the Control Panel to find out when we have installed a certain program. We press “Start” and we are going to write “Control Panel” we give it “Enter” and then we will have to go to the top right and click on “View by” and we are going to select “Large icons”.

Now we are going to click on “Programs and Features” and from the “Was it installed” column we will be able to know when that program was installed.

Know installation date installed applications from Windows settings

Certainly the Control Panel does not show all the dates, especially of the applications that we install from the Microsoft Store. To be able to find the date of these applications. What we must do is press “Windows + i” to open the “Windows Settings”.

After this we will have to go to “Applications” and we will have to consult the list of installed applications in the “Applications and features” tab. Just on the right side of each app, we will see the date it was installed.

Use the Microsoft Store to know the installation date of apps

While it does not show the exact install date. What you can do is show the modification date of the applications, it can help in some occasions.

We are simply going to have to open the Microsoft Store on our computer. We are simply going to open the Microsoft Store. Then we will have to click on the three points that appear in the upper right part of the store and we will click on “Library”. Here you can see all the Microsoft Store apps that you have installed on your PC.

Use a third-party uninstaller

If we use a program to uninstall applications and other programs that we have in Windows, some, like Revo Ininstaller in its free version, collect information about all the apps and programs that we have installed in Windows. In this way we can know the exact date of when said program or application was installed.

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