Knife attack in Queens leaves four injured

The NYPD heeded the emergency call in Queens.

Photo: KENA BETANCUR / AFP / Getty Images

Four men were wounded in Corona, Queens, on Sunday night, due to the attack by stabbing subjects.

The New York Police Department reported that the victims, in their 20s, were ambushed by six men around midnight on 111th Street and 43rd Avenue.

According to The New York Post, the fight started when an argument got out of hand between two of the men on opposing sides.

It is added that the suspects pounced on the group of four young people, who are in their 20s, whom they wounded with sharp weapons.

One victim suffered a head injury, another in the torso and one more in the stomach. The three men were taken to hospitals in stable condition, it added.

Another of the victims did not want medical attention, according to the report.

The NYPD continues to search for the suspects, who ran away. The case is handled by the 110 Precinct.