Putting aside the two seasons he played at the end of his career at the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan never played in any NBA team other than Chicago Bulls. However, that does not mean that he did not receive offers. In fact it had one, and very juicy, of the New York Knicks in the summer of 1996.

It was an offer that improved Jordan’s salary at that time by 653 percent. From 3.8 million dollars to 25 kilos. In fact, the Knicks’ salary cap that summer of ’96 was $ 24.3 million …

According to the Chicago Tribune’s San Smith, they managed to reach an agreement with Cablevision and ITT-Sheraton to inject additional money and David Stern would have given free rein to increase his space by 12 million more.

That did not happen, since the Bulls, after Jordan’s best season ever, decided to increase that offer to 30 million. In fact, the following year he renewed again and did it for 33.14 million, 129 percent of the salary limit of the time.

According to CBSSports, that salary would be equivalent to a player today charging around 134 million dollars. In fact, no one charged the same as Jordan that season until Stephen Curry topped him in 2017/18 with $ 34.7 million.

It is clear that MJ played in another league all his life … there is a reason why he is GOAT. It would have been incredible if he had signed for the Bulls that summer. It would have changed the history of basketball.