Klopp, on the departures of Mbappé or Haaland: “It will be a strange market”

05/13/2021 at 8:27 PM CEST

Daniel Guillen

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, did not hide that there will be few movements in the next market, as a result of the economic crises faced by the big clubs: “The market will be really strange. Is Mbappé going or not? Haaland, Sancho, this kind of thing … I don’t see that happening much this summer because the world of football is still not in the same place as before.”.

The German, to which He still has three years left on his contract with the Anfield team, insisted that the market does not offer many possibilities: “A year ago, nobody knew what football was going to be like. People talk about changing the structure completely, but I can tell you that the budget will drop enormously.”. “To have more voice in the club, change the structure and the ownership model and, at the same time, sign Haaland for 150 million pounds? That does not work as a whole,” he acknowledged.

Liverpool’s season has not been easy, but the former Dortmund manager is confident that the team can enter the Champions League positions: “If we don’t get into the Champions League it’s not good, but there is still a possibility. But if not, then we have to deal with it.”.

Injuries, a persistent problem for reds

Liverpool in 2020/21 have been plagued by physical problems, especially at the rear. Key players such as Van Dijk, Joe Gómez and Joel Matip have missed much of the season and have undermined the strength of Klopp’s team. Since the German took the reins of the team, It is the season in which the most goals have conceded (39) in the Premier.

Eliminated in Champions and the two cup tournaments, Liverpool’s chances go through holding on to the Champions League spots. Although the most important thing for the technician is to recover the key pieces: “Recovering players – from injury – already makes us better. These are our first wishes. We don’t know exactly when, but it will happen. All the rest, we have to see.”.

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