For Jurgen Klopp, the match in which Liverpool was eliminated from the Champions League it should not have been played and it was even classified as a “criminal act”, in light of the fact that the Covid-19.

The above was disclosed by his colleague, the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, technical director of Everton.

“Klopp told me that continuing with Liverpool-Atlético was a criminal act,” were the words of the three-time champion of the European Champions League.

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The game that the Reds lost at Anfield 2-3 against those led by Diego Pablo Simeone was not only their last of the season in the best club competition on the Old Continent, but the last they would play for a long time due to the stoppage by the coronavirus.

Before the UEFA and Premier League announced the indefinite hiatus, the Teutonic strategist was questioned about his impressions of the pandemic, but declined to comment, arguing that a technical director’s point of view was irrelevant in a situation of that magnitude.